Wondercise launches new fitness service and tracker

Next-generation smart fitness service, Wondercise, launches globally with Apple Watch support. Featuring world-first Live Motion Matching technology, it analyzes your movements and compares them with those of an on-screen trainer in real-time, adding a rich, interactive layer to the home workout experience.

Access world-class courses created by athletes, including four-time MMA champion Luis ‘Baboon’ Palomino, fitness influencer Adam Frater and experts across a huge range of disciplines. These include Resistance Band Training, Hip Hop Dance, Kettlebell Crush, Tai Chi, Yoga and more – Wondercise transports best-in-class professionals into your living room to keep you fit.

What makes Wondercise unique? Wondercise Motion Matching. This proprietary tech matches your moves with those of the trainer on-the screen to boost your training. Combine the Wondercise app with an Apple Watch and you can see how your moves compare with the pro’s; with real-time, on-screen scores between zero and 100 keeping you on form, as well as a live heart rate reading.

Unlimited, on-demand, and accessible

Upgrading your home workouts has never been easier. In addition to its range of classes, the Wondercise app tailors training plans for your needs – whether you want to keep fit and dip in and out of classes, or enrol in a robust routine or sport-specific training program.

Make a profile, select a fitness goal, and Wondercise’s smart technology curates a series of personalized workouts to deliver effective training sessions in just 45 minutes. The app is also incredibly easy to fit into your life, with each training course split into sessions clocking in at under 10 minutes. This means that, whether you have a long or short workout window, with Wondercise, finding time for fitness won’t be a problem.

The Wondercise experience also encourages users to have fun with fitness and enrol in classes when they might not have the time or confidence to join a gym – Latin Dancing anyone?

Cost-saving virtual coaching 24/7

Unlike other home training tech, Wondercise doesn’t require any expensive equipment to work. At a base level – all you really need is a smartphone, a membership from as little as £2.30 a month, and you can fire up its incredible training videos.

Combine the app with an Apple Watch to enjoy all the benefits of on-screen Motion Matching, anytime, anywhere; watching classes on your phone, or casting to a TV using AirPlay or Chromecast. The £65 Wondercise Band is also available for anyone who wants to benefit from Wondercise without an Apple Watch or a compatible Garmin device.

Stay home; stay fit; stay healthy

“With the backdrop of COVID 19, a dramatic reduction in gym attendance, and increased time spent in houses and flats, home training solutions are more critical than ever. This is why Wondercise’s motivating, pioneering, interactive training system is the perfect solution for anyone looking to boost their health without breaking the bank.”
Eric Chuang, CEO, Wondercise.

Try Wondercise today with your Apple Watch and one of the complimentary classes available through the app before signing up for a commitment-free 14-day trial.

Compatible wearables

Apple Watch compatibility rolling out October 2020 for iOS
Supports Apple Watch 3, 4, 5, 6 and SE running WatchOS 6 or newer version
Garmin compatibility available in December 2020, and will support both iOS and Android

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