Volunteers who feed the homeless are presented with a High Sheriff’s Award

Volunteers who help feed homeless people have received a High Sheriff’s Award, recognising their services to the community. Denis Burn, Somerset’s High Sheriff, praised the team at Feed the Homeless …
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44% of Brits not taking their full holiday allowance – and why they need to

Overtime is something that inevitably comes hand in hand with some jobs. However, an investigation by tombola shows that 46% of Brits are working unpaid overtime on a regular basis …
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Nutmeg study finds more Brits choosing sustainable and ethical lifestyles

Whether it’s recycling, cutting energy use at home, or changing the way they eat and drink, 71% of Brits say they are choosing more sustainable and ethical lifestyles these days, …
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Global survey reveals 7 out of 10 are concerned about the air they breathe at home and work

A new global survey conducted by independent research firm YouGov on behalf of Blueair, a world-leader in air purification solutions, reveals that across the world, people are increasingly concerned about …
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HIV Positive – man previously given two weeks to live hopes to help others

A man who was given just two weeks to live after being diagnosed with HIV is urging others to get tested early – and protect their long term health. Roland …
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coughing asbestosis lung cancer

Challenges in the Diagnosis of Asbestos-Related Lung Diseases

Asbestosis Legal expert Gregory A. Cade explains why diagnosis of asbestos-related illnesses can be challenging – and why getting the right diagnosis is critical for patients The World Health Organization …
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5 actionable ways employers can tackle stress in the workplace

April is stress awareness month, an event organised by the Stress Management Society to increase public awareness about stress in the workplace. Last year, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) …
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Could closer co-operation between neuro physiotherapists and care homes improve stroke patient outcomes?

Prominent welsh neuro physiotherapist Sara Davis is calling for improved co-operation between care homes and private neuro physiotherapists, which she believes could improve stroke outcomes for elderly residents. Many patients, …
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