Vivoo – The Leading Wellness App – Launches New At-Home Smart Uti Test At CES 2024

Vivoo, the first wellness app to provide personalised nutrition and lifestyle advice based on at-home urine tests, announces the launch of its at-home digital Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) testing product at CES 2024.

Recognised as a CES® 2024 Innovation Awards honoree, the new at-home test takes just two minutes to complete. Customers download the app, urinate on the strip, and scan the strip to obtain results via Vivoo’s app, which are ready in seconds. Subsequently, customers can connect with a doctor to obtain a prescription if needed.

Vivoo’s new UTI test is a game changer by bringing an app – which is software as a medical device – to analyze test results via its deep learning image processing technology. It gives gold-standard accuracy results, saves customers time, prevents confusion in readings, and digitalizes the data so customers can share results with healthcare providers via the app, if instant treatment is desired.

UTIs are the most common outpatient infections, with a lifetime incidence of 50−60% in adult women. Worldwide, 150 million people annually are affected. In the United States alone, six in 10 women experience UTIs – the new product emphasises Vivoo’s focus on a neglected market, providing instant, painless, affordable user-friendly wellness and diagnostic testing.

The competitive differentiators of Vivoo include users being spared the bureaucracy of sending samples off for examination and/or data disappearing after the disposal of alternative instant tests. The company also added vaginal pH tests to their test portfolio earlier this year to cater to their 65% female user base needs.

The product can be used by anyone wishing to diagnose a suspected UTI. The UTI kits will be available to consumers from Q2 2024, with same-day or next-day delivery available, via Amazon and other channels.

Consumers can also access educational content in the app for free.

Miray Tayfun, Co-founder and CEO of Vivoo, commented:

“Our groundbreaking product is set to revolutionise UTI diagnosis with convenient at-home testing, empowered by our user-friendly mobile app. Vivoo goes beyond providing affordable wellness and diagnostic testing; it’s a commitment to democratising healthcare, and ensuring global accessibility. With the support of our customers and dedicated investors, we are driving innovation in software as a medical device space.”

Tim Draper, Founding Partner of Draper Associates, commented:

“Vivoo can keep us all informed about our health just by testing our pee. This new UTI test is a major breakthrough allowing people better control of their own health care.”

The global health market was valued at US$80.6 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach over US$269.3 billion by 2032, with a CAGR of 12.3% over the period.

The news follows Vivoo’s launch of its revolutionary ‘smart toilet’ at CES 2023 which boosts the early detection of health conditions. The product also won an honouree award at the CES Innovations Awards in the Digital Health category, recognising its outstanding design and engineering. The Company has been funded by leading investors including Draper Associates, Otsuka Pharmaceuticals – who recently acquired Bonafide Health for $425 million, 500 Startups, Techstars and Halogen Ventures.

To date, Vivoo has reached over 200,000 users and offers eight different at-home tests including wellness tests such as hydration, ketones, vitamin C, magnesium testing and diagnostic tests such as UTIs and vaginal pH test. Vivoo recently launched their Target partnership for their retail presence and is available in over 100 countries and has over ten global distributor partners including in Mexico, South Korea, Qatar The Netherlands and Japan.

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