Absence Management

New research on SMEs reveals a 140% surge in businesses reporting that mental health negatively affects their operations.

New research from Peninsula Group shows the impact that mental health is having on small and medium-sized businesses – it is now the single largest cause of sickness absence and a rising problem for SME […]


Anthea Turner: we need a national screening programme to help stop more people suffering with osteoporosis

TV presenter Anthea Turner has called for a national screening programme to help prevent more women developing osteoporosis. The debilitating bone-thinning condition impacts nearly four million Brits, and almost 80% of sufferers are women. The […]

Business Advice

“Life opens when you are courageous” – The Merits of living a Global Adventure

Martin Leo-Uvizl, a seasoned business strategist, has crafted a remarkable lifestyle spanning continents, blending work with a profound sense of adventure and cultural exploration. Originally from Vienna, Austria, Martin embarked on a transformative journey that […]