Company launches pioneering technology to improve wellbeing of those with dementia

Healthcare technology company Tover has today announced the launch of Tovertafel 2, a pioneering cognitive stimulation system proven to improve wellbeing and quality of life in those living with cognitive challenges such as dementia or learning disabilities.

Tover’s next-generation product combines specially adapted programmes for people with dementia and those with learning disabilities via its Open Play & Learn subscription, making it the first system providing evidence-based play therapy for both groups.

With only 23%* of those living with dementia currently able to access socially interactive games to maintain cognitive function, the Tovertafel 2 is designed to be more widely accessible, especially during the pandemic. Its click and ready mounting system means it can be installed quickly and easily in care homes and libraries across the UK with no need for specialist support. Tover aims to reach one million players per day by 2030 in care and education.

The new product also provides access to upgrades and new games and features at no extra cost and is designed to create an enhanced and engaging experience for those with cognitive challenges, featuring faster game-loading times, as well as improved pixel density for sharper images and more easy-to-read text.   

Consisting of a lightweight device with a patented click and ready mounting system, the Tovertafel 2 uses a high-quality projector and infrared sensors, with a speaker and processor working together to project interactive light animations onto a flat surface. These animations respond to hand and arm movements, allowing users to ‘play’ with the light. The games function to motivate the mind and inspire those with cognitive challenges to be active. They can also be played while maintaining safe social distances during the ongoing pandemic.

The Tovertafel 2 also includes new features such as 24/7 support via personal online environment My Tover, as well as machine learning, which facilitates advanced hand-tracking to analyse users’ play abilities and modes of playing and identify when people are apathetic or inactive. 

The original Tovertafel product was created by Hester Anderiesen Le Riche in 2015, after years of study during her PhD at the Delft University of Technology, where she explored how games and play could help patients with dementia. The Tovertafel 2 remains consistent in price to its earlier iteration so as to remain accessible for all.

Hester Anderiesen Le Riche commented: “The Tovertafel 2 represents the next generation of technology for people living with cognitive challenges. We are excited to see it rolled out across the UK in the coming weeks and months as we hope to create more moments of happiness for those living with cognitive challenges, and their family members, friends and carers.

“By updating our technology, the Tovertafel 2 will be more accessible for care homes and libraries to install and upgrade across the UK. We can then progress with our goal to create a more caring and inclusive world for people living with cognitive challenges.”