The Soke opens its doors to offer mental health and wellbeing support to businesses and private clients

The Soke – a first-of-its-kind clinic in London offering mental health care and wellbeing services alongside professional coaching – opens for business today.

Based in South Kensington, The Soke offers best-in-class psychotherapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors and leadership development specialists. They cover common behavioural health issues such as depression, anxiety and other non-acute disorders; offer family therapy, child & adolescent counselling, and corporate wellbeing services. Clients will benefit from an integrated system of care in one location, ensuring their individual needs are met at every junction, and enabling them to become to be the best version of themselves.

Offering a completely new approach to mental health and wellbeing, The Soke has attracted some of the best talent from across the UK:

Dr Chi-Chi Obuaya, Clinical Lead at The Soke, is a Consultant Psychiatrist for the NHS and in private practice. He has extensive experience of launching new services, having set up NHS primary care liaison teams in Camden and Islington. He served on the management board of Brent Clinical Commissioning Group and online mental health service Psychiatry-UK for two years, and is also clinical advisor to a digital health start-up.

Dr Shadi Shahnavaz, Head of Family Therapy, has over 25 years of experience in her specialised field of Systemic Family Therapy, working with families in Sweden, France and England since the early 90’s. As well as her role at The Soke, Shadi works in private practice and also teaches other practicing professionals. Additionally, she runs a range of supervision groups at clinics and universities and is a trained Circle of Security facilitator.

Dean Nicholson, Head of Adult Therapy, has been leading, motivating and developing behavioural health teams since 1983 and has a sterling reputation among peers and clients alike. He was a founder member of the British Association of Care Home Proprietors (BACHP) and trained as a counsellor to support people and families affected with AIDS and HIV, becoming Chairman of the Cambridge AIDS Trust until 1994.

Sam Dunn, Head of Corporate Wellbeing, is a Business Psychologist with two decades of experience in wellbeing, leadership development, facilitation and coaching, as well as organisational, cultural and team development. Having worked as an in-house coach and organisational development director for a range of corporate clients, Sam has in recent years provided external consultancy services for leading brands.

Holli Rubin, Head of Personal Wellbeing, is a qualified psychologist, social worker and therapist and takes an integrative approach to mental health. She is well recognised for her holistic approach, combining physical with psychological interventions to derive the optimal outcome for her private and corporate clients. Holli is a leading voice – and an advisor to the UK government – on body image and its impact on mental health. Her insight and experience is helping drive change at a national level, so that body image education becomes part of a bigger conversation.

With recent figures from the ONS showing that depression has doubled during the pandemic, and people across the UK suffering from a range of mental health issues as a result of lockdown measures and economic uncertainty, The Soke has been developed to offer a regulated, professional, multi-disciplinary outfit to meet both the clinical and the service-led demands of both corporate and private individual clients.

Founder and CEO Maryam Meddin recognised the need for an innovative, collaborative, high quality care centre for mental health & wellbeing following her personal experiences at both the receiving and providing ends of psychotherapy. Meddin has a 25-year background in corporate communications, in addition to a law degree and a Masters in Psychotherapy & Counselling Psychology.

Maryam Meddin, founder & CEO of The Soke, comments:

“The impact of COVID-19 has been felt across society and the latest ONS figures on depression have shown that there has never been a greater need for mental health to be given the same consideration as physical health. The time to modernise the sector is long-overdue.

“The Soke has been a labour of love over the last year and we are thrilled to be opening our doors today to offer a completely new approach to mental health and wellbeing services.”

Dr Chi-Chi Obuaya, Clinical Lead of The Soke, comments:

“The provision of mental health services is ripe for innovation and I was immediately drawn to The Soke as an opportunity to work in a regulated environment as part of a multi-disciplinary expert team providing genuine client-focused solutions.

“We are hugely excited to have such an experienced group of clinicians joining our board to lead each discipline and we look forward to welcoming clients over the coming months.”

The Soke is a forward-thinking business that aims to be part of a global movement using business as a force for good. A key part of this mission is The Soke Foundation, a non-profit organisation that derives its income from The Soke. A portion of every client fee and a percentage of profits will go to The Soke Foundation, which will provide grants to underfunded mental health programmes, forming an initiative that looks after the wider community within which it is set to join. This is reflective of The Soke’s dedication and commitment to benefiting society as a whole, bringing mental health to the forefront for everybody.

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