World Smile Day: Brits smile 31 times a day on average, which is 10,416 times a year

To remind Brits that it’s important to stay positive and not forget the importance of a smile – even behind the mask – leading teledentistry giant SmileDirectClub looked into the smiling habits of Brits that ties into World Smile Day [2nd Oct]. The study reveals that 87% of Brits said smiling has the power to instantly make them feel better and as a nation, we smile on average 31 times a day which is a staggering 10,416 times a year.

Babies and children (43%), followed by animals (32%) are the top two things that make Brits smile and become happy. In fact, as a nation of animals lovers Blue Cross’ findings show that one in three owners claim that their pets made them smile more than their partners.

Also, (85%) say they would smile back at a stranger, no matter how out of the ordinary or awkward the situation. One out of three (34%) would use the power of their smile if they found a stranger attractive.

Although Brits are smiley nation, the study shows that only one in four (24%) feel confident about their smile. To tackle this, over half of respondents (51%) smile with their mouths closed, a quarter (23%) cover their mouth with their hand, while a third (31%) avoiding smiling all together – perhaps why some might find face masks and coverings liberating.

Two in five (39%) have also taken a stance and experimented with DIY teeth whitening methods such as rubbing strawberries on their teeth, using apple cider vinegar and brushing their teeth with baking soda.

Regionally, York is the ‘smiley-est’ city of all, with residents smiling 38 times a day on average, while people of Newcastle are the most easy-going with 9 out of 10 saying they would smile back at strangers and Edinburgh get the most irritated with being told to smile (38%).

Meanwhile, Cheryl Cole’s (27%) smile was voted the nation’s favourite, followed by Julia Roberts (22%) and Michelle Keegan (21%). For male celebrities, it’s a tie between John Boyega, Tom Cruise and Simon Cowell’s pearly whites.

On the other hand, peoples finances is the top reason that makes them scowl (31%). This is followed by receiving the wrong takeaway (23%), being told to smile more (23%) and when one’s football team loses (21%).

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