The Secret of Conscious Emotional Transformation: Learn how to change your life and truly CET yourself free

Many methods for healing work on the basis that individuals are broken and need fixing. But Dr Lisa Turner challenges this narrative, helping people to face and overcome their trauma on their own terms. With 1 in every 3 adults reporting having experienced at least one traumatic event in life so far, there is a large need for people’s emotional experiences to be treated and taken seriously.

In her new book, CET Yourself Free, Dr Lisa Turner sets out a new revolutionary approach to trauma recovery and overcoming negative emotions, debunking the need to overly-process or relive past experiences.

Lisa is a trauma expert and the Founder of CETfreedom, a spiritual and consciousness awakening organisation, specialising in training professional coaches and practitioners in trauma recovery. Before working in the health and wellbeing sphere Lisa’s background was in engineering. With a PhD in Mathematical modelling and Aero-acoustics, her scientific experience translates into her approach to healing and spirituality.

Often, therapy methodologies either apply rigid systems that obscure the complexity of emotional suffering or over-rely on the promise of a higher power. They require people to confront, express, understand or even relive their traumatic experiences. But these are unnecessary and usually misguided.

In CET Yourself Free, Lisa introduces Conscious Emotional Transformation (CET), her revolutionary new approach to trauma recovery. Balancing science and spirituality in a unique way, it is a powerful healing technology that helps people release trauma and negative emotions in the fraction of the time often advertised by other methods. Throughout the book, Lisa draws on her own journey, recovering from the traumatic experience of being trafficked as a child to reaching a place of full healing.

Too often emotions are considered baggage, a nuisance to be dismissed. In CET Yourself Free Lisa emphasises that negative emotions are completely natural but that trauma is the truly alien experience. Throughout the book, Lisa proposes the revolutionary idea that there is only one emotion, love, and that all trauma is caused by resistance to love. She breaks down the importance of a healthy emotional response cycle, and how when the system is damaged, people may experience resistance and blocks that can be expressed as PTSD, flashbacks or limiting beliefs.

As well as explaining the CET process, CET Yourself Free covers a range of topics, including the limitations of coping mechanisms, how to recognise signs of trauma, how past trauma manifests and the unique potential of fusing scientific and spiritual approaches in therapy.

Through CET Yourself Free, Lisa hopes to guide people in a deep dive into trauma recovery and how to release negative emotions. Designed for both those with a professional background in coaching and psychology, or simply those interested in the subject, the book begins readers on the journey to becoming more informed about their own emotional wellbeing, or even a fully-fledged CET practitioner.

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Editor Lisa Baker is a professional writer and the owner of Need to See IT Publishing. However, Lisa is also passionate about the benefits of a holistic approach to healing, being a qualified Vibrational Therapist. Lisa also has qualifications in Auricular Therapy, Massage, Kinesiology, Crystal Healing, Seichem and is a Reiki Master.