Breaking the stigma: Howden Employee Benefits & Wellbeing calls for inclusive support for male infertility support in the workplace during Movember

As Movember, the month dedicated to men’s health gets underway, Howden Employee Benefits & Wellbeing is calling on employers to talk more openly about male infertility and promote inclusive benefits policies. Around 1 in 7 […]


How can menopause, menstrual health and fertility impact the workplace – and what can employers do to support their employees?

Written by Charlotte Gentry, founder of The IVF Network www.theivfnetwork.com/corporates According to research conducted by The Fawcett Society ‘one in 10 women who continued working during the menopause ultimately left their jobs due to the […]


Kate joins growing number of intentionally solo mums – Post-Covid surge in use of donor sperm for women wishing to ‘go it alone’

A recent report by fertility watchdog the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) has revealed a post-Covid surge in the number of women choosing to become solo mums, with 44 percent more seeking to achieve […]


Bluewater describes new evidence about how ‘forever chemicals’ threaten female fertility as ‘terrifying’; urges more action from governments and businesses as the planet prepares for Earth Day 2023

Bluewater, the global Swedish water purification and beverage solutions provider for consumers, and HORECA, public dispensing, describes new evidence of how ‘forever chemicals’ are linked to female infertility as terrifying. The company called on governments, […]