Research shows personalised, long-term, added-value support gets most effective results

RedArc, the third-party nurse service often included within company and individual insurance policies, has reviewed its database of over 37,000 cases to reveal the average length of added-value support required by an individual per condition. […]

Employee Benefits

RedArc Nurses introduces multilingual interpreting to support health and wellbeing of employees who don’t speak English

RedArc, the third-party nurse service often included as an added-value benefit within employee benefits and insurance policies, has announced a partnership with LanguageLine Solutions (LLS), allowing it to better serve employees for whom English is […]

Mental Health

Punter Southall Health & Protection launch Havensrock Thrive App to tackle workplace mental health

To mark Mental Health Awareness Week (13-17 May 2019), Punter Southall Health and Protection is launching ‘Havensrock Thrive’, a new wellbeing app designed to help employees manage their mental health. Havensrock Thrive is a cost-effective […]

Mens Health

‘Suicidal feelings do not have to end in suicide’ – advice service RedArc calls for insurers and employers to do more

Insurers and employers should use World Suicide Prevention Day to ask themselves if they are doing enough, according to RedArc Nurses, who have seen a rise in the number of people with thoughts of suicide […]

Mental Health

An over reliance on technology as a mental health solution can put people in danger, warns RedArc

“Notification of a poor mental health score via a mental health technology platform without appropriate clinical intervention in place could cause more distress,” warns Christine Husbands, managing director of RedArc, further enforcing the need for […]