Mindler offers free iCBT module to help adults manage needle phobia

With the COVID-19 vaccination drive speeding ahead for adults over 18 this month, needles are something that 1 in 5 young adults report having a phobia of,1 meaning that some adults may be missing their COVID-19 vaccines due to having a fear of having an injection.

75% of those with needle phobia may experience a rise and then sudden drop of blood pressure when getting a jab, which could lead to fainting.2 To help combat this fear, mental health app Mindler has created a free interactive needle phobia iCBT module for those who may avoid vaccinations due to a fear of needles, or fear fainting when getting vaccinations.

As part of the interactive module, the user learns the applied tension (AT) technique, which can raise blood pressure and make it less likely a person will faint during a jab. Patients can learn this skill to combat fainting, through tensing and releasing their muscles repeatedly. A video demonstrating how the exercise works can be viewed here.

The iCBT interactive module can be carried out independently and is free of charge on the Mindler app once downloaded. A further in-depth iCBT self-help programme is also available to patients who have had an appointment with a psychologist at Mindler.

Dr Siobhan Jones, Lead Psychologist at Mindler UK, says: “The COVID-19 vaccine drive is reaching a critical point in the UK, with millions of people yet to receive one or both doses of their vaccine, but studies have shown that as many young adults are scared of needles, some may even avoid the getting a vaccine altogether.

“At Mindler, we want to make sure that people feel more comfortable getting their vaccine, so we are offering an interactive needle phobia iCBT module for free as part of the Mindler app. We hope that the interactive exercises will equip patients with the tools to handle their needle phobia and potentially to avoid fainting or feeling faint when going to get a vaccine.” added Jones.

Mindler is a new mental health app that offers people a choice in managing conditions, such as anxiety, depression and phobias. It achieves this by offering them the freedom to book video call appointments with a psychologist at a time, and in a place, that is right for them.

The service provides tailored evidence-based iCBT programmes within the app alongside video calls in order to support patients between sessions and give them the tools to better understand and manage their mental health. iCBT is a form of cognitive behavioural therapy delivered online.

Mindler’s aim is not only to treat patients quickly with evidence-based methods, but also to reduce the stigma around seeking help for a mental health condition

Mindler is available at mindler.co.uk and by downloading from the App Store or Google Play.

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