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Wellbeing Book ‘How to Feel Better’ Written by Leading Psychology and Neuroscience Expert is Shortlisted in the Business Book Awards

Master Coach, Psychology and Neuroscience Expert, Ruth Kudzi, 46, who is a mum of 2 from London, is delighted to have made the shortlist as a finalist for this year’s Business Book Awards with her […]

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A family of tropical medical specialists, and adventures beyond: Elizabeth Manson-Bahr traces her great-grandfather’s discovery of the causes of malaria and finds a story of doctors, merchants and diplomats who travelled the world

Examining the history of Britain’s connection with the rest of the world through the lens of a global family’s history from the nineteenth century, Elizabeth Manson-Bahr takes readers on a journey through time and across […]

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Challenging The Story: A Surprisingly Simple Approach To Supporting Children With Challenging Behaviours

Many adults, eager to help children with challenging behaviours, often find themselves trapped in the cycle of addressing the ‘what’ without truly understanding the ‘why’. Challenging the Story by Dave Jereb takes readers on a […]

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Former veterinary surgeon John Bartlett presents an insider’s view of some of the workings of the pharmaceutical industry in his gripping debut thriller

Former veterinary surgeon John A. Bartlett presents an insider’s view of some of the workings of the pharmaceutical industry in his gripping debut thriller ‘Double Blind: of Medicine and Malice’. John left practice as a […]

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Doctor and clinical microbiologist, Professor Nizam Damani explores the history of microbiology and infectious diseases in a memoir spanning 60 years

Prof. Damani covers not only Covid-19, but also other infections and the plight of individuals suffering from neglected infectious diseases in developing countries. A member of various WHO Guideline Development Groups, Prof. Damani has served […]


Teetotaller and co-founder of Social Chain, Dom McGregor puts pen to paper about booze in new book

Leading content creator also tells Status Update podcast that influencers need to forge deeper relationships with fewer brands Entrepreneur, content creator, co-founder of Social Chain and mental health campaigner Dom McGregor is adding another title […]

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Mutual Understanding and Unlikely Friends: Fiona Whyte’s “The Clever Little Gecko” Proves to Be an Instant Hit

In troubled times with scary, war-filled news stories, it’s uplifting to see that people still want to read and learn more about mutual understanding – and share it with their children. Perhaps that’s why Fiona […]

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Global Best-Selling Author and Empowerment Coach is On a Mission to Help Others Ride the Waves of Life on Their Voyage to Success

This month, a Sussex-based highly qualified Empowerment Coach and HR expert, is celebrating becoming a global best-selling author as her book ‘Your Voyage to Success: How To Ride The Crest Of A Wave And Reach […]