Book launch: ‘PS I Love Me’ Guides Readers Through Their Own Self-Love Transformation

We live in a world surrounded by constant dissatisfaction. Self-comparison, constant striving, difficult relationships and past regrets rob us of positivity and the ability to focus on what really matters. Too often people look to others for answers to their own happiness, viewing everything external as aspirational, and discarding themselves as something that needs to be ‘fixed’.

In PS I Love Me, Gina Swire puts the spotlight back on the individual, emphasising the self as the primary vessel of worth and love. She asserts that self-love is the most powerful tool available to help people to overcome their fears, move forward and appreciate their own innate and unique value.

Gina is a self-love expert and ex plus-sized model who has dedicated her life to understanding how self-love truly works. She mentors thousands of women on the importance of self-love to positively impact their life and has seen all the patterns and learnt the tricks, hacks and practices to help even the most sceptical woman love themselves. With a significant online presence and following on social media, Gina has created a thriving community for those looking to transform through self-love.

Based on Gina’s tried and tested 12-steps to self-love, PS I love Me is a comprehensive guide to self-love transformation. It unpacks how to bypass years of struggle and welcome an abundance of flow, humour and grace into life. Gina explains that when trying to conquer a challenge, focusing on the problem is counter-intuitive, and that as soon as individuals stop giving themselves a hard time, they develop the clarity and energy to grow. Evolving from a place of negativity and low self-esteem, learning self-love enables transformation in all areas of life, from financial abundance, career fulfilment, nourishing relationships and body harmony.

A practical manual for achieving transformation that goes far beyond platitudes and affirmations, PS I Love Me makes “doing the work” actually feel fun and achievable to readers. It covers a range of topics from discovering your inherent self-worth, learning to let go of past hurt, how to battle self-comparison and manage your relationships for self-love. Exploring so many different topics and approaches, PS I Love Me is a book that has something for everyone, and that readers can dip back into whenever they need a refresh on their journey.

Self-love is a widely misunderstood topic, often dismissed as a “woo-woo trend”. However it is a prominent mental health topic and has had far reaching implications across many political and feminist issues. Grounded in this, within PS I Love Me Gina equips readers with bite-sized and easy to follow exercises to start them on their path to self-love. Encouraging people to trust their intuition and let go of the emotions and feelings holding them back, Gina wishes to show readers that with self-love, anything is possible.

PS I Love Me is the perfect read for anyone finding themselves bogged down by the expectations of the world, and unsure how to overcome them. The 12-step guide is a complete and sensitive introduction to self-love, its liberating impact, its potential to transform individuals, and most importantly, how it empowers people to start living for themselves.