Ipswich Care Group Announce the Winner of Their Heroes Draw

Kirsty Brill from Hales Group’s Ipswich Branch Won the £1,000 Prize in the Latest Heroes Draw

Hales Group is proud to announce that Kirsty Brill from the care group’s Ipswich branch is the latest winner of the Hales Heroes draw.

In recognising the fantastic work that Kirsty does for her service users, the Ipswich Branch Manager Julie Anderson had this to say, “Kirsty said that she still cannot believe she has won the draw and that she is very grateful and feels proud of herself. She told me that the best thing she has ever done is to come and join the hales family!”

Julie continues, “Kirsty understands that some of our Service Users haven’t seen their families from the start of the awful Covid-19 Pandemic, and she has made it her mission to ensure that our service users feel cared for and celebrate every special day.

Kirsty always remembers her Service Users Birthdays and does everything she can to make their birthdays special. At Christmas Time, Kirsty lifted our Service Users spirits by putting trimmings up in their homes and buying them all a little Christmas gift.”

In addition to this, Carla Spreadbridge, Ipswich’s Care Coordinator, had this to say, “Kirsty is honestly one of a kind, and we’re so, so lucky to have her, I couldn’t think of a better person that could’ve won this.”

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