Challenging The Story: A Surprisingly Simple Approach To Supporting Children With Challenging Behaviours

Many adults, eager to help children with challenging behaviours, often find themselves trapped in the cycle of addressing the ‘what’ without truly understanding the ‘why’. Challenging the Story by Dave Jereb takes readers on a transformative journey to uncover the root causes behind such behaviours. It explores an empathetic approach to working with children that transcends mere reactions and paves the way for lasting positive change.

Dave Jereb is a visionary paediatric occupational therapist who has shown unwavering commitment to enhancing the lives of children for over two decades. With his wife Kathy, he co-founded MoveAbout Therapy Services in 2008 and has revolutionised paediatric occupational therapy in Australia. Dave is on a mission to grow adults’ knowledge and understanding of children’s different and complex needs and central to his philosophy is the notion of ‘supporting the people who support the kids’.

Challenging the Story aims to change mainstream attitudes towards difficult behaviours which are often misconstrued as ‘acting out’ or aggression. It is a practical guide for parents, educators, health professionals, and any other key person who plays a role in looking after a child. Throughout, Dave helps readers better recognise the context of children’s behaviours, empathise, change their own assumptions and constructively respond to situations in ways that can transform a child’s behaviour and their entire life trajectory.

Written in an accessible narrative style, the book follows the story of a teacher working with a variety of children who learns how best to understand their behaviours and support them individually. Broken down into short, digestible chapters, it covers a range of topics including understanding the complexities of dysregulation in kids, embracing objectivity, understanding the contexts of certain actions, and creating behaviour management plans.

An educational allegory that blends real-world experiences with strategies that have transformed the lives of many children and their families, Challenging The Story is a thoughtfully-crafted introduction to understanding neurodivergent children. It combines heart-filled examples with practical wisdom and realistic advice.

Challenging The Story emphasises the importance of viewing children’s actions not simply as behaviours, but as a language – a manifestation of their underlying capacities, experiences and environment. By challenging their own initial interpretations of children’s behaviours, readers have the power to successfully guide children towards a new and empowering narrative.

Challenging the Story is published by Rethink Press and available on Amazon.

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