7 New Years Resolutions for Improving Self Care in 2023

Resolutions for Improving Self Care in 2023
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I’m a big believer in New Year’s resolutions. Not so much because I think they magically change your life, but because they provide an opportunity for self-reflection and growth. Instead of the usual ‘diet and exercise’ ones, I’d like to see more people focus on creating resolutions for Improving Self Care in 2023.

This year, rather than the normal ‘weight loss’ and ‘joining a gym’, embarking on a week or two of drastic changes that fall by the wayside just a few days or weeks later, why not think smaller and resolve to make a few small changes that deliver long term benefits and make you feel better all year long?  Here’s some ideas that can deliver very real benefits for improving self care in 2023 and beyond:

1. Make time to journal.

If there’s one thing that can help you stay on track with your New Year’s resolutions, it is journaling. Journaling (or keeping a diary) is a great way to learn more about yourself, how you interact with the world and what your strong points, true feelings and lifestyle is helping you create – and it’s also a great way of cultivating positivity by helping you appreciate the little things that would otherwise pass you by. It’s easy—all it takes is some time each day (or week) to write down the things that are happening in your life right now.

Journaling can be as easy or complex as you want.  You can buy a pad and a pen and keep them by the side of your bed, or you can download a free app and do it on your phone, ipad or tablet.

Many people plan to explore feelings and emotions; and these can be insightful, but it’s also a unique way to remember special moments, like holidays spent at grandmas houses or camping trips with cousins from out of town…these are all things worth capturing because they’re part of who we are!  Journaling gives you the gift of re-enjoying happy moments, and that’s priceless!

2. Give yourself a break from negative news.

While we can all make resolutions for improving self care, often our positive mindsets can be offset by negativity, leaving feelings of hopelessness and ‘what’s the point’.  It’s easy to get caught up in the negative news cycle. It’s everywhere, and it’s constantly being regurgitated by people who don’t know what they’re talking about. You can take your own break from it all by refusing to listen or read any more “headlines.” Here are some ways you can do that:

  • Stop watching the news on TV
  • Stop reading the news online
  • Stop listening to the radio while you’re driving in your car
  • Don’t talk about current events with anyone (including coworkers, friends and family)

3. Say something kind to yourself and something kind to someone else every day.

Resolve to meet your needs and be kind to yourself.  So whether it’s changing a lifelong habit of looking in the mirror and saying ‘I look fat today’ to looking and praising at least one thing about yourself, or changing ‘I’m so stupid’ to ‘I’m learning new skills’, get into the habit of positive self-talk.  It costs nothing and can do wonders for building your self esteem.

Likewise, we all see a coat we like, or friendly smile from a co-worker, or a beautiful child.  When we notice, it’s ok to let the other person know.

Maybe your co-worker always makes you coffee.  Start to appreciate the smallest gestures, smiles and emotions and let other people know.  Gradually your world will become a warmer, kinder place where you can all thrive more!

4. Learn a new word or learn about a new place every day.

Don’t settle for the ordinary.  Learning a new word every day is a great way to expand your vocabulary. Many people find it helpful to use a dictionary to look up the definition of the word, and then memorize it. It’s important that you choose words that are relevant to you and your life, rather than just learning words for their own sake.  Learning about new places will expand your knowledge of the world and will cultivate your interest in other cultures and experiences.

5. Read more books about topics that interest you.

Reading is a great way to learn, and it can also be a form of meditation. Reading is also a great way to relax, fall asleep, and learn new things. It’s also an interesting way to understand other people’s experiences.

6. Spend some time outdoors every day

Being in nature is good for mind, body and spirit, so no matter how built up your area, find a way to spend some time outdoors every day, no matter the weather.

  • No car? Why not walk during your lunch break?  Even hedgerows in office blocks have a massive variety of plants and creatures to enjoy.  You could even take a bag and clear some litter as you go!
  • In summer: don’t sit indoors, sit outdoors with a book, try to have one meal a week outdoors and enjoy the sunshine – but don’t forget the sunscreen!
  • In spring: Head to the coast or the countryside, find baby lambs skipping through the fields!
  • And finally… in fall: Nothing says autumn like camping under the stars — grab some friends, pack up some marshmallows and hot chocolate mix (and maybe even some s’mores!), then head out into nature’s wonderland before it gets too cold outside!   Not your thing?  Wrap up in a blanket in the garden and do it there instead!

7. Ask questions and keep learning.

As a child with an enquiring mind, you are always asking questions, but as we age we stop asking questions and start to accept the world as it is – unfortunately this means we often make assumptions about what we don’t know.

Asking questions creates a spirit of wonder and imagination, it helps us understand people, situations and cultures as they are without judgement or blame.

Journal what you learn and you’ll be left with more understanding of yourself than you thought possible as well as knowing a lot more about others.

We hope these resolutions for Improving Self Care in 2023 get you thinking about small positive changes that will bring year-long benefits to your life this year.

Happy New Year everyone!

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