New Book Challenges Western Perceptions of Illness and Pain

Many people enter a new year seeking to make lots of changes to their lives; sometimes they are career or relationship driven but most commonly health related. Yet frequently these goals are quickly neglected as people realise breaking these habits can be much more difficult than first anticipated.

However, if individuals began to recognise the true power that these seemingly small or unrelated life changes may have on their overall wellbeing they may think twice, at least according to a new book.

Within her new book A User’s Guide to the Human Body, Shane Moore empowers the reader to take ownership of their health and consider a new perspective.

A diagnosis of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma was Shane’s motivation to make some significant changes in all aspects of her life.

In 2011 she left her role in corrections to set up her massage therapy business after a two year course. After being introduced to the John F Barnes Approach to Myofascial Release about one year into her journey, Shane immediately knew she had found her true purpose.

A User’s Guide to the Human Body challenges the western medical explanation of how and why disease and chronic pain happen, exploring how we can heal our own illness and pain and providing simple tools and techniques that can quickly and easily change the reader’s life.

Many people are unaware of the power of JFB Myofascial Release and even what a fascia is or their importance – something which Shane clearly describes early in the book. Fascia is a fibre-optic network of tiny tubes made of connective tissue that holds all the water in the body and  surrounds all the cells. It is the environment in which all cells live and the fascial system is literally connected to everything in the body. When there is inflammation in the body, the liquid crystalline fluid within the fascial system will begin to turn into a solid, making the soft tissue feel hard requiring release. Shane describes that Fascia is what holds the muscle fibres and filaments together so they can work – thus Myofascial Release treats both the muscle and fascial fibres.

Within A User’s Guide to the Human Body, Shane provides actionable guidance on how JFB Myofascial Release holds transformative power for a wide variety of areas of the human body and lifestyle including the abdomen, pelvis, during pregnancy, on scar tissue and the feet alongside discussions of energy and mindset to empower the reader to take control of their health. She also debunks many misconceptions including the necessary pressure of massage, whether injuries should be iced and the type of squats, providing an eye-opening perspective.

Shane is passionate that the human body has the power to heal itself if individuals provide optimum conditions by not only investing in the physical aspects of health, but also the important emotional, mental and spiritual areas.

A User’s Guide to the Human Body is a perfect read for anyone seeking a revolutionary perspective on the human body and experience.

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Editor Lisa Baker is passionate about the benefits of a holistic approach to healing. Lisa is a qualified Vibrational Therapist and has qualifications in Auricular Therapy, Massage, Kinesiology, Crystal Healing, Seichem and is a Reiki Master.