Brits Prioritising Fitness as Searches for ‘Gym Membership’ Hit Record Levels despite Cost of Living Crisis

Brits Prioritising Fitness

Brits Prioritising Fitness

Are Brits Prioritising Fitness after worrying scenes at A&E over Christmas?  New research from Google search data has revealed that despite the cost of living crisis, UK search levels for the term ‘gym membership’ increased by 234% in January 2023, with searches for ‘gyms near me’ also proving popular.

This represents the highest search level in UK web history, and illustrates how Brits are determined to reach their exercise goals despite the current financial crisis.

Given tight purse strings, it is slightly surprising to see why so many people are willing to spend money on exercise, but given the wide coverage of problems within the NHS, it’s possible that people are looking to take more responsibility for their health.

“It’s my responsibility to keep myself healthy”

New gym user Lisa Baker joined a gym after seeing the coverage of A&E problems.  She explains:

“I’m considerably overweight and my health is at risk as a result.

“The awful scenes across our hospitals over Christmas was a huge motivator for me, we can’t rely on anyone else to fix our health, nor can we expect our NHS to be there if we have a stroke or heart attack any more.  The news stories are horrific.  I’ve joined a gym to reduce my risk of needing them and am now going several times a week.

“It’s sad that our NHS is in such bad shape, but ultimately, I am in bad shape too and getting healthy will mean I place less of a burden on it – I see it as doing what I can to help myself.”

A spokesperson from Financial World, who commissioned the research said:

“Every year, many of us make a resolution or goal to focus on our fitness and health by attending the gym more. However, these findings offer a fascinating insight into how dedicated many Brits are to see through this goal during 2023.”

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