Wellbeing firm calls on business owners to reconnect distanced employees

An employee health and well-being firm has devised a novel way to re-connect colleagues separated by furlough and home working.

Everyday Juice Ltd has found a fun way for workmates to get back together – literally step by step.

StrollwithIT is a free and easy to use team step challenge aimed at boosting mental health and well-being and can be adapted for those currently unable to take physical steps.

With companies recalling employees from extended periods on furlough – and with others working from home offices and bedrooms – EJL believes it’s time for organisations to begin rebuilding workplace teams with a goal-setting challenge.

Getting out and about – in small groups and socially distanced of course – is a great way to meet up and attempt to return to some form of normality.

And, with the recent threat that a second lockdown could be on the horizon, it’s important now more than ever that employees can continue to feel connected.

Teams of up to five people can register on the StrollwithIT website and each team must download its total number of steps every week.

Those taking part can count their steps via step trackers, smart watches or a mobile phone app.

The step challenge starts on August 31 and lasts for six weeks. Entry on the website opened on August 1.

A team’s average number of steps determines their position on the league table.

Teams are also encouraged to share the experience – and engage with the rivals – on social media using #StrollWithIT.

Creator of the challenge, co-founder and executive director of EJL, Gary Butterfield, said:

“Since the pandemic started teams have been forced apart physically, with colleagues working from home and only meeting virtually.

“Furloughed workers have spent a lot of time at home and away from others, and that can create its own mental health challenges.

“Now that restrictions are gradually being eased, and people are returning to the workplace, this is an ideal time to get people back together.

“Walking is one of the most accessible exercises we can do and it’s great for our mental and physical wellbeing.

We all know that 2020 hasn’t been a walk in the park, but a walk in the park can be just what you need to lift your mood once again.

To find out more and to register go to https://www.juicelimited.co.uk/step-challenge

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