Mercer helps encourage healthy habits and support employee engagement through innovative wellbeing app

Mercer has this June launched an innovative well-being app focused on the individual employee and powered by digital social communities. The single easy-to-use app helps employees create and maintain healthy habits to improve their physical, mental, social and financial well-being. Through gamification techniques, the app nudges the individual to engage with new and existing benefit offerings and well-being ideas in a fun way, based on their personality and behaviour data. It also connects colleagues through a company social network, further encouraging workforce participation and positive engagement.

Nick Mcclelland, Partner, Mercer said: “Traditional company benefit initiatives often fail to generate much engagement beyond the initial launch, with any regular use often reliant on the individual’s own level of motivation. In the current environment, our well-being is being depleted; limiting social interaction and potentially threating our income. This could severely affect mental health and subsequently how we approach our work life. It is now more important than ever that employers take authentic and sustainable action to help their people stay connected and motivated to take care of themselves.

“Through the use of digital technologies, employers have a unique opportunity to create workplace well-being programmes that are truly relevant to individuals. If these are delivered in a more personal and playful way, making employees look forward to using the benefits offered by their employer, then a culture of enhanced workplace health and engagement is within reach.”

Incorporating existing employee data and a company’s current benefit offering, the Ondo by Mercer app includes functionalities and content to support employees in managing their financials, their mental and physical health. The app applies personalised rewards and nudges to motivate continued employee participation and engagement. The app also has a social functionality that connects colleagues and encourage them to support each other through activities such as ‘check in with a colleague challenge’, group wellness workshops and organisational fitness challenges.

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