How businesses are protecting their team’s health and wellbeing during COVID-19

Businesses are no doubt under a huge strain to ensure their operations survive and overcome the current financial uncertainty as a result of COVID-19. Add to that the pressure of protecting their staff’s jobs and wellbeing, and supporting them to adapt to vastly different working methods, and there’s certainly much on the shoulders of business owners now and in months to come.

As an organisation which looks after the health and wellbeing of over 40,000 individuals across the UK, as well as employs a 30-strong team, Paycare is one such business that’s had to adapt. In this article, Kevin Rogers, CEO, explains how he and the senior management team have adopted more flexible approaches to ensure the livelihood of the organisation in the long-term, and how with people at the heart of everything it does, it has extended and evolved its commitment beyond its Team, Policyholders and the Community.

“Like so many during this pandemic, we’ve had to face and overcome some challenging obstacles. Our core objective is to always ensure that our stakeholders remain safe and well, and that they continue to seek preventative and proactive healthcare support. And this has never been the case more than it is now.

“As a Health Cash Plan provider, one element of our service offering is focused on helping to manage the everyday healthcare costs of our Policyholders — whether it be cashback on optical, dental, physiotherapy, or other physical and mental healthcare bills. Many of our Policyholders can no longer access these vital preventative appointments, and so as a business we’ve focused very much on signposting to the services that are so important right now, as well as providing a diverse range of added-value advice and support.

“Thankfully enhancing the service that we can offer has always been a long-term commitment, as we recognise that our Policyholders’ healthcare needs continue to change and evolve. Over the last few years we’ve introduced many additional services including dedicated mental health training for employers, mental health support and counselling for Policyholders, as well as a range of exclusive online services such as signposting to Online Health Assessments and Paycare Perks — an exclusive discount platform for everyday purchases.

“People being our absolute core focus means that we need to practice what we preach when it comes to looking after the health and wellbeing of our own team, as well as provide all the support that we can to other businesses to help them do the same.

“During this time we’ve also worked even more closely with our corporate groups to support the increased demand around the health and wellbeing of their teams — which vary from just a couple of staff to around 1,000 and more. Mental and physical health of their staff continues to be an ever-increasing priority, but particularly in the last few months with the added stresses, anxieties, worries and financial pressure that COVID-19 has presented.

“As a result, we’ve increased the volume of resources we’re providing, covering a wide range of topics from ways to keep healthy at home, to how to keep communication channels flowing.

“Many employers and their staff have adapted to the new way of working from home or in more isolated ways than ever before. We’ve hosted various E-Clinics through the Black Country Chamber of Commerce to support our fellow Patrons and Members with many aspects of this journey, as well as support around employee physical, mental and financial health and wellbeing, while they try and navigate their way through this challenging time.

“All of what we’ve achieved as a business over the last few months is only possible because of our small but perfectly-formed team, which is made up of hugely passionate people who want to make a heartfelt difference. Due to their hard work and sheer determination, we’ve been able to respond in agile and proactive ways, backed up by an equally passionate senior management team who continue to make dynamic and long-term decisions which are focused on our three core stakeholder groups — our Policyholders, our People and our Community.

“As a thank you for all that they have done and are continuing to do as part of their commitment to us, we’ve responded with an equally giving and fair approach — something that we believe will help many businesses and their staff stay focused and determined to get through this challenging time.

“Whether it’s flexibility around working hours, providing additional days of annual leave and early finishes to ensure they feel well rested and supported physically, emotionally, and mentally, or providing small but highly-impactful rewards and recognition.

“Showcasing your loyalty to staff can absolutely be the difference in whether your business is able to merely survive, or absolutely thrive, through this pandemic and long afterwards. And hopefully, working together, we can help implement a lasting change in the way that business owners feel able to protect the health and wellbeing of their staff now and in the future — no matter what life throws their way.”

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