New Teaching Resources for Mental Health Awareness Week from Discovery Education

Discovery Education is proud to support Mental Health Awareness Week 2024 by providing UK primary schools with new digital resources supporting pupils’ mental health and wellbeing. Available via Discovery Education’s award-winning digital learning services Espresso and Health and Relationships, […]


Students more stressed if they don’t feel like they belong at their university, amid call for greater access to peer mentors

The number of UK students who feel constantly stressed almost doubles when they also feel like they don’t belong at their institution, according to research by YouGov and Studiosity. In the second edition of the […]

Child Development

Swansea University Research Reveals Choosing sugary drinks over fruit juice for toddlers can be linked to risk of adult obesity

Consuming sugar-sweetened drinks in the first few years of childhood can be linked to poor diet patterns that increase the risk of obesity in later life, according to a new study by the School of […]


University of Birmingham News: New research set to target earliest stages of bone marrow cancer

The opportunity to eradicate a major and incurable bone marrow cancer has been made possible with a new programme funded by Cancer Research UK. An interdisciplinary team of researchers will investigate the underpinning biology of […]


Pharmacists will play an increasing role in frontline clinical healthcare, England’s pharmacy chief tells Brighton students

NHS England’s Chief Pharmaceutical Officer, David Webb, told University of Brighton pharmacy students that this was an exciting moment for the profession they hope to join. In a speech to staff and students at the […]


Learning as a Path to Well-being – How Educational Opportunities Boost Employee Satisfaction

In our contemporary corporate world, the pursuit of employee satisfaction extends far beyond the traditional perks and pay raises. Increasingly, businesses are recognising the profound impact that educational opportunities have on their workforce’s well-being and […]