Wellbeing support network launched

Wellbeing coach
Becky Walsh, who has launched the Thrive Network

An author and journalist who helped pioneer spiritual wellbeing into the UK media has set up a support network for others in the industry.

Broadcaster Becky Walsh has presented radio and TV shows on subjects which are now an accepted part of our well-being culture.

But the life coach admits the topics were once viewed as irrational beliefs when a ‘mind body soul’ section did not feature in book shops.

Changing views on wellbeing

Becky said: “We talked about the benefits of meditation, which has had a kind of ‘re-brand’ to ‘Mindfulness’ to make it more palatable.

“It was considered a bit ‘woo woo’ at the time, but we now understand the mind-body connection much better.

“Today these subjects are discussed as part of our well-being culture by presenters on national radio and television. How times have changed!”

Wellbeing coach
Becky Walsh, who has launched the Thrive Network.

Low self-esteem

Growing up, Becky struggled with low self-esteem and got involved with drug addicts. She recognised she was going down ‘some seriously dangerous roads’ and read a bunch of self-help books.

Becky went on to use her experience to publish several books, including You Do Know, a book about trusting your intuition. She published wtih Hay House – one of the fastest-growing mind-body-spirit and transformational enterprises in the world.

Becky, who has a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, said: “Growing-up working class with low self-esteem meant I was easily influenced as I had a need to be liked.

“I realised it was impossible to be authentically who you are and give those gifts to the world when you don’t value yourself. That’s an expensive loss, not just to yourself but also to your community.

“Those of us who choose to work in healing modalities often don’t want to stand in our power, which is our self-esteem as we want to be ‘liked’.

“Showing people how to love themselves creates a tribe of empowered people ready to support the people with big hearts and small voices. The world needs those people right now.”

Standing out

Becky feared people in the well-being industry were being taken advantage of by some practitioners who promised a six-figure practice – without the foundations to build it on.

The Huffington Post and Psychologies magazine blogger said: ‘I got fed up with seeing adverts promising a lucrative business – without practical guidance, such as marketing yourself and building a business from the client’s perspective.”

She was inspired her to set up a programme to share her 20 years of experience and expertise to help others in the industry to stand out.

The Thrive Network

The Thrive Network offers expert advice and help, as well as support from a friendly community of start-ups and growing businesses.

Becky said: “Business has changed a lot from when I first started, where putting up a flyer in a coffee shop was enough to get you clients. You need to be a ‘Jack-of-all-trades’.

“The Thrive Network teaches you all the skills you need for a successful business, without taking too much of your time away from clients.”

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