Global Affiliate Network Undergoes London Office Refurb with a Focus on Employee Wellbeing

Global affiliate network Awin has teamed up with interior design business Thirdway ( to refurbish its London office environment to focus on employee wellbeing, including new features such as a ‘zen’ room and agile working spaces.

Awin’s London offices have undergone a refurbishment, with the goal of reflecting its brand and culture and enhancing the wellbeing of its employees.

Over the course of the summer, the Awin ( team worked closely with interior designers Thirdway to reconfigure their London-based offices, to include more than 130 agile working spaces for staff and clients alike, as well as fixed desks for teams that regularly work together.

The Awin team wanted the environment to reflect the company’s culture and client experience, and as such the refurb includes modern, suspended ceilings, a large breakout space complete with a games room, and meeting rooms designed in honour of Awin’s annual galas, including 1920s, circus and vintage cinema themes.

Employee wellbeing was a big driving force behind the office refurbishment and is at the forefront of Awin’s philosophy. The new offices include a ‘zen’ room, designed as a place for employees to relax, and flexible working is supported, so that those that need to work from home are able to do so.

With World Mental Health Day this week, the team at Awin are putting on a series of events to focus on employee wellbeing. Events include daily meditation, exercise classes and a talk from a nutritionist. The team will also be encouraging walking meetings.

Aysha Haynes, Operations Director at Awin (, made the following comments:

“At Awin we are completely invested in our team, which meant creating a vibrant environment in which everybody can thrive in their own unique way. The wellbeing of Awin’s employees is paramount, and we hope that the new office environment reflects these values.”

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