What are the benefits of a walking holiday?

Walking holidays offer a piece of respite for much of the population. Whether you stick to the wonderful natural spots within the UK or venture further afield to another country, walking holidays offer the same benefits wherever you are. Europe is especially popular for walking holidays, with everything from stunning mountain ranges with snow-topped peaks to breathtaking valleys with beautiful lakes to explore.

Walking has long been associated with wellness, so if you’re looking for a new take on a wellness holiday that doesn’t involve extravagant yoga retreats or expensive spas, consider a walking holiday instead.

Here’s why a walking holiday can be so beneficial.

Physical activity

It’s common knowledge that walking is a good form of exercise. Not only can it get our heart rate going, but it’s also low impact which means it’s gentle on our joints. This makes it a good type of physical activity no matter your age. Even better if you can make it a brisk walk or a hike that gets your heart rate up even further.

Even if you’re on a hiking holiday with delicious food and drink – such as Chamonix in France – you’ll easily burn off any calories from overindulging in cheese or wine! While you should choose a walking holiday for the experience and not to lose weight, it’s an additional benefit you can enjoy. Plus, it’s a good way to challenge yourself, boost your self-esteem and see what you’re capable of.

Mental health

Being outdoors has long had an association with good mental health benefits. As walking is a physical activity, it helps to release endorphins, which improve your mood. Integrating walking into your everyday routine can do wonders for your mental wellbeing as a result. It can even help to combat depression and anxiety in the long term. Simply getting outside and moving your body is the perfect combination for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you don’t do this already, then a walking holiday could be the perfect way to introduce this into your lifestyle – and help you fall in love with walking and its benefits.

Meeting new people

While you might often walk alone or with friends back at home, a walking holiday offers the opportunity to meet new, like-minded people. Of course, you can opt for a solo holiday or one where you stay in your own group, however many people love the social side of walking holidays. If you choose a group walking trip where you share the experience with new people, you’re likely to create new bonds. You may even find walking friends for when you return to the UK.


Meditation is a fantastic way of soothing your mind and helping you get into a healthier mindset. There are even reports that it can help us physically too. A moment of walking and reflecting on how you’re feeling can be extremely valuable. It can have a calming effect and allows you to take the time to work through whatever is on your mind.


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