Would a World Cruise be better than a Retirement Home for Pensioners?

Since the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, visions of elderly care have expanded.  With pensioners no longer limited to sharing their last days in a retirement home, many are looking at more exotic options – and surprisingly, can often save money by doing so!

Of course, the idea of retiring to a luxury liner is not a new one. Millionaires have been living on The World, a sea-going condo cruise liner since 2002, but with studios starting from USD 3 million this lifestyle is a distant dream for most retirees.

However, shocking new research into the cost of residential care for OAPs has revealed that if you are prepared to share a room on a round-the-world cruise, OAPs could pay less for sharing the adventure of a lifetime than by paying for two separate rooms in a residential care home.

Research by CruiseDeals.co.uk found that a 120-day voyage that visits five continents and includes food, drink, utilities and even live entertainment costs from £8,279 per person when two share – a daily rate of just £73 per person per day.

A recent study by Which? puts the average cost of a residential care home in the UK at £85 per person per day – adding up to an extra cost of almost £1,500 for the same 120 days, without any of the on-board luxuries and perks that come as standard with on-board living.

Ian Crawford of CruiseDeals.co.uk said:

“Retirees who are looking to add some spark to their autumn years should take to the seas. With the whole world to explore, incredible entertainment to enjoy and new friends to meet, a round-the-world cruise booked with a friend is not only cheaper than a residential home, it’s so much more fun.”

Retirees who opt for a life on the seas on Cruise & Maritime Voyages’ ‘Grand Round the World Cruise’ would experience 26 different countries during their adventure, travelling on board a ship that boasts four restaurants serving dishes from across the world, with gym and spa facilities to stay in shape and a studio running regular arts and crafts workshops, as opposed to care in one location with a limited choice of food and activities.

Entertainment and companionship would also be preferable to that found in any retirement home – the featured cruise allows pensioners to enjoy a bridge and cards room, library, two swimming pools and outdoor movie screen, and at night they can choose from six entertainment venues including a Palladium stage for ballroom dancing and a Dome Observatory for admiring the amazing night skies.

The cruise leaves from Tilbury in the UK on 6 January 2020 and visits countries including Columbia, Australia, China, India, Israel and more. Cabins have air-conditioning and en-suite facilities with a shower, with a maid service to keep rooms in check.

Details of the cruise are here: https://www.cruisedeals.co.uk/deals/latest-deals/grand-round-the-world-cruise-with-cruise-maritime-voyages-6th-january-2020-from-only-pp.

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