What are Brits Dreaming of During Lockdown

Before the pandemic struck, what did you dream about when you fell asleep? Maybe it was flying, losing your teeth, or maybe you couldn’t remember them at all. Covid-19 has changed so much of our everyday lives and it would appear it’s even having an impact on our sleep. How have our dreams changed the past year, and are we dreaming about the same things?


In Your Dreams

instantprint, who specialise in flyers and leaflets, asked 1,000 people who had been working from home what they had been dreaming about. Rather than crowded beer gardens, live music, or tropical holidays, it was revealed that a lot of them were dreaming about life in the office, with 75% of people experiencing workplace nightmares. Being unprepared for a task was the most common theme, with 17% of people dreaming about it. 15% dreamt about never arriving or getting lost at work., whereas a further 17% dreamt of just having a regular day at work.


Extra Vivid

Why have so many people been dreaming about work? instantprint spoke to Dr Sarah Jane Daly, a senior lecturer in social psychology. She said, “For many of us, Covid-19 has brought work into our personal spaces. Getting away from work has never been so difficult.” If you’ve been having extra vivid dreams during lockdown, you are not alone.

A psychologist who spoke to Stylist said that dreams help us handle difficult emotions we might not have been able to process during the day. It’s our brains trying to process the stress of the pandemic.


Importance of Sleep

Even though dreams during this time can be just as stressful as watching the news, it’s still important for you to get a good’s night sleep. It helps you with your mental and physical health. The general rule is to get 8 hours of sleep a night. Some people need more, and others need less. Pay attention to your body and how you feel when you wake up. If you’re constantly tired during the day, it’s likely you need to improve your sleeping habits.


Dealing with Insomnia

Of course, it’s understandable if you’ve been finding it hard to sleep with everything going on. If you’ve been suffering from a lack of sleep, don’t worry. There are plenty of tricks you can try to ensure you’ll be well-rested. It’s not just the length of the sleep, but the quality of it. Cutting back on your screen time, creating a relaxing environment and creating a routine for yourself can do wonders for your sleeping pattern.

Sleeping is such a vital part of a healthy lifestyle, and the dreams that come with it – however wild they may be – are all part of the sleep cycle. Have you been having vivid dreams during lockdown?