Vala Health to provide innovative telemedicine for Smart-Cover

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Vala, a London-based start-up disrupting the health industry by focusing on the cause, not just the condition has announced a new partnership with Watford-based, Smart Cover Insurance. The new partnership will enable Smart Cover to offer health plans, and immediate G.P. cover to its existing and future policy-holders.

“Most people in the U.K. live in a ‘health cover vacuum’ where there is just a handful of expensive health insurance options that cost more than they can afford. It means many forego coverage altogether,” explained Pete Trainor, CEO of Vala. “When we first met with the Smart-Cover team in the summer it became clear straight-away that they were aiming to offer health-support to the biggest possible audience, at a price that isn’t ridiculous, and for the communities who need it the most.”

Smart-Cover and Vala will leverage this unique healthcare proposition to give policy-holders access to Vala’s extensive medical network for wraparound coverage for its members and immediate families, with the aim of helping people’ stay well’ rather than simply treating them, on-demand, when they get sick.

Vala provides G.P. coverage that is unique in three significant ways, explains Trainor. “Firstly we make it ridiculously simple to get a G.P. appointment on our telemedicine platform. There are no apps to download or complicated processes, you book then and there, and you’ll speak to a qualified and regulated, UK-based professional over video or the phone. Secondly, we don’t limit our appointments to a short-time-frame, or cap the number of appointments someone can have with us during the month. It’s unlimited. We want people to talk openly about their health concerns, and our team will do more than just whizz you through in ten minutes and prescribe a pill like the other e-doctor platforms. Finally, and this is the one we’re most focused on, we want to help people manage their lifestyle choices and keep them well, rather than fix them when they’re sick”.

Smart Cover is also launching an insuretech home emergency app extending the insured benefit to health and motor. Niraz Buhari, the Group CEO, said: “We are heavily investing in technology which will make the quality G.P. consultation more affordable and accessible to the masses and we found Vala is the right partner for us as our customer-centric business values are aligned”. He added “Too many parts of the U.K. face a doctor shortage and limited access to medical care. Our affordable, virtual health plan provides easy and free access to a Vala doctor to help people make better medical decisions about their overall health in addition to access to specialists and treatments. It’s what healthcare should be.”

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