World Diabetes Day: Dexcom Warriors From Around the World Feature in First-of-its-Kind Campaign

Dexcom, a global leader in real-time continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems for people with diabetes, is teaming up with Dexcom Warriors from around the globe, this World Diabetes Day (November 14), to help raise awareness about the need to improve access to life-changing diabetes technology.

To shine a spotlight on the daily battle of living with diabetes, Dexcom unveiled a first-of-its-kind, global portrait gallery that gives an honest but hopeful look at people living with diabetes from all walks of life as they navigate the highs and lows of living with an invisible disease.

Brought to life by creative director, Dexcom Warrior and Australian model Bambi Northwood-Blyth, and photographed by renowned portrait photographer Fernando Sippel, #SeeDiabetes: The Faces of Diabetes Warriors features Dexcom Warriors around the world, all living with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Dexcom CGM users whose portraits appear in the gallery include:

• Beth McDaniel and Ellen Watson, Northern Irish best friends and students
• Leontine de Hollander, Dutch photographer
• Christian Mansell, Australian motorsports racing driver
• MiYeong Kim, Korean author and diabetes activist
• Georgiana Dumitra, Romanian lifestyle and beauty content creator
• Nick Jonas, American multi-platinum recording artist, songwriter and actor
• Jeremy Irvine, English actor
• Patti LaBelle, American legendary GRAMMY-winning artist, actress
• Laura Sabourin, Canadian high school teacher
• Victor Garber, Canadian-American actor and singer

“As a Dexcom Warrior living with diabetes, it’s an honor to bring to life this unfiltered and genuine representation of what life is like for the millions of people living with diabetes globally,” said Northwood-Blyth. “In addition to the powerful imagery, each portrait is paired with a deeply personal narrative that highlights the realities of living with diabetes, and how access to technology like Dexcom CGM can lessen the burden of this disease and greatly improve your quality of life.”

Actor and Celebrity Dexcom Warrior Jeremy Irvine, who features in the #SeeDiabetes exhibit and has been living with diabetes since the age of six, said: To me, living with diabetes is a constant balancing act. Before Dexcom CGM, managing my diabetes was guess work a lot of the time, and now I can predict my levels and do it with confidence. It allows me to just be myself.”

The #SeeDiabetes campaign and portrait gallery reinforces Dexcom’s worldwide commitment to broaden access to critical diabetes technology and is aligned with the theme for World Diabetes Day 2021-23, ‘Access to Diabetes Care.’ Elevating broad awareness for the latest diabetes management technology is an essential part of Dexcom’s ongoing efforts to increase access and reimbursement for CGM around the world.

Since Dexcom’s #SeeDiabetes access and awareness campaign last November, reimbursement coverage for CGM, for people with diabetes, has expanded by 6 million people globally from 8 million to 14 million people1 with significant coverage expansions in the United States, Canada, France and Japan. In addition, Dexcom has brought previously unavailable CGM systems to market in nearly 20 countries around the world over the last 12 months.1

Despite this significant progress, millions more people with diabetes still face challenges obtaining coverage for the CGM systems they need to manage their condition more confidently. #SeeDiabetes: The Faces of Diabetes Warriors gives people with diabetes a unique platform to continue the global conversation about the need to improve access to critical diabetes care and technology.

“Awareness efforts like #SeeDiabetes, paired with clinical evidence that demonstrates the life-changing benefits of CGM, has led to the expansion of access to CGM for millions more people over the years,” said Dexcom president and CEO Kevin Sayer. “Dexcom is committed to working with healthcare providers, private payors, governments and non-profit organisations around the world to significantly expand access to CGM for people with all Types of diabetes.”

To get involved in the conversation, Dexcom is asking people to visit and to share their own portrait and story of how diabetes has impacted them or someone they know using the hashtag #SeeDiabetes.

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