Virtual Clinical Sessions Set to Stay After Revolutionising The Way Patient Care Is Delivered

Being diagnosed with a life changing illness or debilitating condition such as cancer, diabetes or coronary heart disease turns your world upside down. Significant intervention in the form of drastic lifestyle changes and pre/rehabilitation to complement essential treatment or surgery can be paramount to increasing survival rates, minimising recovery time and improving quality of life during and after treatment. Before Covid-19 forced the temporary closure of clinics across the country, patients were routinely supported with face-to-face appointments with their healthcare professionals. However, with lockdown came the urgent need for a revolutionary solution that would tackle not only the increasing backlog of patients with clinical needs, but one which would ensure the vital continuity of care.

Virtual clinical sessions have quite literally been a life saver to many people, which is why they are now here to stay.

Prior to Covid-19 there was an initial reluctance around hosting online appointments because of concerns around how successful they would be, but professionals from across the clinical industry are now lauding their success.

TenClinical, London’s leading clinical exercise rehabilitation facility provided by Ten Health & Fitness, successfully transitioned to virtual video appointments during lockdown.

Head of TenClinical, Adam Hewitt said: “The virtual sessions have proved incredibly beneficial, not only for our current patients but also for a completely new group as well. Before Covid-19 we only treated people in clinic, so they had to physically be able to get to us. We have now been able to reach patients who are unable to walk and move significantly, which has been truly fantastic. These people need a huge amount of care and attention to build their strength, mobility, co-ordination and motor patterns, and this can all be done from their own home over a video call.”

The recent success has proved that virtual clinical care from TenClinical will continue to be part of their offering moving forwards. “The virtual sessions have allowed us to focus on the people who arguably need us the most,” continued Hewitt. “It is the most rewarding thing to see a patient gain strength and confidence, helping someone from being almost immobile to being able to function and even join a group class is unbelievable. We will continue to offer virtual sessions as we appreciate many patients are uncomfortable or unable to visit us in clinic – so this is the perfect solution.”

Ten Health & Fitness will continue to offer virtual clinical sessions for clients, regardless as to their geographical location. As Joanne Mathews, Founder of Ten Health & Fitness explains; “The opportunity for us to help a much wider scope of people is what is driving us to continue this offering. We want people to have this option and we have some of the most qualified clinical exercise professionals available to help them. We’re hoping that providing this service will also help ease some of the pressure on other medical organisations such as the NHS.”

The level of care patients have had access to during this unprecedented time has garnered high praise from new and existing clients.

I wasn’t convinced that clinical exercise sessions would work virtually as the ‘face-to-face in-person’ was an essential part in nurturing focus and energy with my journey to become stronger inside and out. 

During lockdown, Adam’s virtual voice filled my living room to gently hold my hand through the rollercoaster of my feelings in self-isolation. Step by step, I discovered that the virtual sessions were enabling me to heal my physical space that is my home with creative energy. Now I’m in the design stages for my home renovation. A thought that was impossible last year after losing my little daughter to a horrific terminal illness. That’s massive win for me from clinical exercise virtual experience!” – TenClinical patient testimonial.

While I was at first reluctant about exercising online, the same rapport that exists between trainer and customer in a studio is replicated online. Much to my astonishment, it was possible to achieve the same standards on a screen as in clinic” – TenClinical patient testimonial.

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