Vegan and Pregnant? What vitamins should you consider in pregnancy?

Veganicity offer supplement advice for vegans during pregnancy

Although it is essential to look after our bodies all through our lives, no time is more important than during pregnancy. Not only is it critical for mum-to-be, but also the growing infant.

For vegans, it can feel a little more challenging to get the vital nutrition needed during pregnancy, however, it doesn’t have to be as there are many good food sources to ensure the pregnancy is happy and healthy.

The main challenges appear to be iron and Vitamin B levels. Iron is needed to ensure a healthy flow of oxygen throughout the body, and B9 (folic acid) and B12 help the nervous systems and can help prevent some neural tube defects.

The Department of Health actively recommends that pregnant women take folic acid. They advise a supplement of 400 micrograms before conception and the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. It is safe to continue taking folic acid through all trimesters though. Try Veganicity Folic Acid (90 tabs – £2.95).

Many breads and cereals are now fortified with vitamins, so for vegans these are great nutritional options. There are also many store cupboard staples that can help maximise iron levels like raisins and pumpkin seeds. These also make a good option for snacking, providing a healthy alternative to junk food. Maintaining a healthy weight in pregnancy is key so reach for iron rich treats instead of carbohydrate or sugar laden products.

If you are a fan of soy, there are some products that are fortified with B12 so check the labels when shopping. Other good sources include sesame seeds and tahini. Why not get out the blender and make a nice batch of homemade hummus? Remember, you can add all kind of extra ingredients to hummus to make it more exciting. Try a teaspoon of harissa paste for warmth and spice, or some tapenade for a taste of the Mediterranean.

An easy way of ensuring your vitamin and mineral levels are maintained is to take a supplement that’s developed specifically for pregnant women. Try Veganicity Pregnancy Essentials (60tabs – £9.95) for a simple way to maximise key vitamins and minerals for mum-to-be and baby.

Simon Bandy, General Manager of Veganicity, says, “We have been looking after and supporting the health of vegans for many years, and we recognise that those who are pregnant need particular care. They must get the balance right for themselves and the developing baby.

“Mum-to-be has enough to think about with doctors’ appointments and preparing for the arrival, so we try to give them one less worry by offering a simple way to ensure their nutrition is on track.”

Products are available from, and all good independent health shops nationwide.

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