Brits care more about their dog’s health than their own

Search engine data has revealed that the British public look for more health supplements for their dogs than they do for themselves.

The data, compiled by UK nutrition supplement company Health Plus, revealed that ‘joint supplements for dogs’ was searched for on Google over 1,400 times on average each month, whilst common human ailments such as arthritis, anxiety, anaemia, acne, menopause, and weight loss trailed behind. In fact, Brits were responsible for nearly 30% of all ‘joint supplements for dogs’ Google searches worldwide.

Joint supplements for dogs 1,400
Supplements for arthritis 1,000
Supplements for anxiety 800
Iron supplements for kids 600
Best supplements for men 500
Iron supplements for anaemia 450
Supplements for acne 450
Supplements for menopause 400
Supplements for weight loss 400

Interestingly, supplements for horses was searched for the same amount as menopause and weight loss (400 on average per month) but joint supplements for cats was near the bottom of the list at 150 times per month.

Simon Bandy from Health Plus, which launched a specific nutritional supplement line for domestic cats and dogs – PetVits – due to growing consumer demand, said:

“The UK is a nation of dog lovers and while owners should obviously take care of their own health too, this data just goes to show how much most dogs really are beloved family members.

“Joint pain is common in companion animals such as dogs, cats and horses, but is especially prevalent in dogs. As our pets age, joint health can be the cause of frequent visits to the vets, but, just like in humans, regular use of essential vitamins and nutritional products from a young age, can act as a safeguard and a cost-effective way of maintaining flexible and healthy joints.”

PetVits from Health Plus offer a range of joint supplements for dogs and cats such as their Joint Care Formula which helps to reduce joint pain by reducing inflammation and promoting the health of tendons, ligaments and synovial fluids to cushion joints – from £11.95 (90 tabs).

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