Survey finds that one quarter of Brits are in need of a winter pick-me-up

Comedian, TikTok star, and compliment connoisseur Troy Hawke is sharing the best feel-good compliments that Brits can give to a stranger for a little pick-me-up and “lift” moment.

His advice comes after new research by Soreen – as it launches its new mood-boosting Lift bar – has revealed that a quarter of Brits (24%) have never, or cannot remember, ever receiving a compliment before.

The poll of 2,000 Brits also revealed that our biggest barriers for dishing out feel-good comments are fear of causing offence for one in five of us (20%), and 26% cite shyness as a factor.

Soreen’s research found that some Brits are already more compliment-happy than others, as Belfast took the crown for “the capital of compliments” with the most given across Britain. Plymouth, Southampton, Glasgow, and Manchester completed the top five, but here is how the rest of the nation can catch up…

Troy Hawke’s advice for compliment giving:

Think of the positive long-term impact those few words can create

“A well delivered, non-motivated compliment can sit in the mind of a person for decades like a tiny scented candle that loses something of the essence of vanilla over the years but never actually goes fully out. For British people especially, once they’ve gotten over the shock of receiving one!”

The littlest compliments go the longest way

The average Brit gives 181 compliments a year, according to the survey, but it doesn’t have to be over-complicated, explains Troy: “The best compliment I’ve ever personally been given is anytime I receive a message from someone telling me that one of the short video pieces I’ve put out in the world has helped serve as a tiny spark to turn their mood around in difficult times. It’s the little things sometimes and I’m never not delighted to be one of them.”

The best kind of compliments to give should be about someone’s energy

According to the poll, the compliments that would uplift Brits the most are spontaneous or unexpected ones (45%). A third (31%) of Brits would rather receive a compliment on how they look, and a quarter (24%) prefer a comment on their intelligence.
Troy advises: “The best kind of compliment to give in my opinion is a motiveless, bespoke one that doesn’t pertain so much to genetics or general appearance. If you can highlight something specific about a person relating to something they’ve made an effort on that you appreciate, something about the way they carry themselves or a particular type of energy they have then I guarantee you’ll make their day.”

Complimenting children will create a next generation of happier (and less shy!) compliment-givers

“Children might benefit from compliments the most; you’re dealing with a very malleable brain that’s literally in the process of defining itself and its identity. So if you can throw a few positive messages in there it stops being a mood enhancer and starts being an identity definer. Teachers have an awful lot of responsibility in this field,” adds Troy.

Soreen, the creator of the original malt loaf, is on a mission with their new Lift bar to give Brits a little boost throughout the day with its new snack that is packed with vitamin B12 for a little daily lift.

Liz Jacobs, marketing director at Soreen says: “The data we’ve found shows that Britain needs a lift more than ever, and with Soreen Lift Bars, we hope to boost people’s mood with flavour and naturally occurring B12 vitamins, when they need it most. Compliments cost nothing but provide such a big lift, we’re pleased to combine our work with Troy to provide a physiological and emotional boost to the nation.”

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