Self Love is the Name of the Game at North-West Wellbeing Farm Charity Event

Motivational talks, meditation, sound baths, energy healing and walks with Llamas all on the agenda to encourage self love this weekend.

As brands flock to encourage us to think of ways to pamper our loved ones, the team at a Edgworth-based wellbeing farm are bucking the trend and instead inviting us to love ourselves more, as they open their doors to LOVE FEST – on Sunday 11th February 10.30-4pm.

The Wellbeing Farm, which has just scooped two national awards at the Sustainable Wedding Awards last month, winning Net Zero Leader and Sustainable Change Maker is teaming up with Roots of Life Events to create LOVE FEST- an opportunity to celebrate YOU – an opportunity to practise self-love and self-care and to be your own valentine.

Founder and MD Celia Gaze, an ex NHS Senior Manager who has turned the farm from a passion project to an award winning Certified B Corporation venue over the last 10 years said: “Valentine’s Day is traditionally associated with celebrating love between couples. BUT…. Valentine’s doesn’t have to just mean loving someone else. You can be your own Valentine! How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you. This is a day for you, to take some time out, and to explore how you can become the best version of yourself.”

With a range of market stalls from local retailers, wellbeing practitioners, and craftspeople, to interactive sessions across different holistic therapies, to a selection of wholesome food being available, guests are invited to try new things, and as always at the Wellbeing Farm the focus is on sustainability – and fun.

With a commitment to the environment every element of hospitality is approached with sustainability in mind, from the up-cycling that creates the unique setting within the venue, to the recycling of leftover food going back into the land. Alongside this a huge appeal comes from the individuality that oozes from the farm, both from its host Celia who’s on a mission to introduce sustainability and holistic wellbeing to more of us, and from the brood of bowtie wearing Llamas which the venue is famous for.

Lancaster based Roots of Life Events organise Wellness, Mind, Body & Spirit Events to inspire those drawn to a more Holistic approach to health & well-being.

The event will span 4 main themes to LOVE:

Love – self love, self care, self acceptance, self respect and self appreciation

Open-heartedness – connecting with your emotions and spirituality

Vitality – love for your health and well-being

Energy – love for the universe

Celia and the team encourage you to treat yourself but also to take time out to reflect.

She said: “The stunning views from being so high up on the farm will help create a sense of calm and perspective. Often being out there helps me to remember how big the world is, and how insignificant some of our problems are. We will be encouraging people whilst there to take a moment for themselves, to write a love letter to themselves. By reflecting on who they are, what they’ve achieved and the progress they’ve made in life, we want to help bring a renewed sense of confidence and purpose. This isn’t something we often do, but I find it very empowering”

The event will also host a number of activities for people to engage in – from dancing, to listening to live music, to exploring Reiki, Ayurveda and energy healing. Learning from experts on well-being will be then supported by activities in nature, such as embracing the fresh air to take a walk with a Llama, or meditation sessions taking in the calm of the surroundings.

Talks run from 11 until 3pm with sessions from local wellbeing practitioners including Lynn Meadowcroft ‘Why Loving Yourself is Non-negotiable; Peace Ravenwood ‘Embracing Self-Love: Nourishing the Soul with the Essence of Cacao; Paula Fearn on ‘Exploring the Pharmacy for the Mind and The Essence of Self Love; Anya and Kathy O Grady onThe Power of Self Love through the Transformative Waves of a Sound Bath; Jackie Robinson ‘The journey of the 7 Chakra’s’ and Steven Hemingway who will explore ‘Kambo – the Medicine from the Rainforest’.

Other topics covered also include discovering the power of CBD (Marchia Ogden); the transformative power of laughter (Geraldine Kerfoot) and tapping into the spirit world (Chris Stephenson).

The event is taking place at The Wellbeing Farm, Wheatsheaf Hill Farm, Plantation Road, Edgworth, Bolton, BL7 0BY. Tickets are just a £2 per person charity donation. Tickets available via

The award winning Wellbeing Farm is the largest employer in the area and its wedding business also fuels many other local businesses within the area, making it a valued part of the local community.They are one of the first hospitality venues in the UK to be a Certified B Corporation.

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