Panoma Press launches new children’s imprint ‘Panocub’ Personal development and social themed books to promote mental wellness in children

Publishing house Panoma Press has announced the launch of a new children’s imprint, Panocub, which will focus on publishing important personal development and social themed books for children.

Since the St.Albans-based independent publishing company was first launched in 2005 it has been committed to publishing books which have one purpose, to change lives. Having worked with hundreds of authors and negotiated sales and distribution relationships in over 50 countries, Panoma Press has become known for bringing important conversations to life through print, digital and audio. The publisher is also dedicated to raising the voices of those from traditionally underrepresented groups.

Recognising the contribution books can make to both educating and supporting young children and families, Panoma Press has now added an exciting children’s imprint to it’s portfolio. The first book to be released under the new Panocub imprint on the 3rd November is Hank the Hungry Monster, the first in a series of Mind Monster books by Julie Derrick.

Hank the Hungry Monster was written by a mother whose daughter developed OCD in her teens. It is designed to raise awareness of and help parents spot the early signs of OCD before it takes hold. The core message behind the story is to convey the importance of confiding in someone about OCD and showing children how to ‘switch off’ the OCD thoughts.

Commenting on the launch of Panocub, Panoma Press founder Mindy Gibbins-Klein said, “Mental wellness has become vitally important for both adults and children alike, particularly in light of the global pandemic. Many small children have picked up all kinds of fears and anxieties and we felt it was important to dedicate an imprint specifically to helping them to better understand, process and articulate their thoughts, feelings and emotions.”

“We have published children’s books in the past, but it’s not something we have been particularly known for.” continued Ms. Gibbins-Klein. “One of our main categories addresses family and relationship issues, so Panocub is really just a natural extension of this. We’ve got a strong marketing team behind us and we’re working closely with our authors who really have their finger on the pulse of these important family issues.”

Panocub has already received a number of enquiries from prospective authors and is actively welcoming proposals that address the core values of mental wellness and self-esteem in children.

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