Escaping the Rat Race with Overlanding

Looking at the birds as they are migrating south with the arrival of winter, you begin thinking to yourself: “I wish I could do that as well.” You know they are going to nicer places, seeing amazing things on the way. You wish you could just uproot like that while still making a living. 

Sometimes, you can only do with a short trip – but to truly escape the rat race, you need to disconnect from everything, to stop trying to compete with others as you are all doing the same thing. You need to start going your own way, at your own pace, without feeling like you are restrained by their pace. You need to gain control over your life once more. 

Many people have found that overlanding is a great way to escape the rat race. And indeed, overlanding has various benefits that you won’t be able to ignore:

  • It Gets You Out of the House

Imagine this: you, your car, its passengers – all against the world. Let’s say that you spend most of your time either at home or at work; this doesn’t leave you much time to nurture your soul. Still, when you go overlanding, you may take every route that you like, be it through the desert, a forest, a national park, the mountains, or the seaside. The sky’s the limit, as regular cars still can’t fly (yet).

  • It Eases Your Stress

There are many things that can stress you out. Your job can be stressful, daily life may be nagging – and you might have reached the point where you are just a huge ball of stress. You take the occasional walk in the park to cool your brain, but it doesn’t take long until it begins to build up again. Overlanding can give a full “reboot” to your stress levels as you are traveling through mountains, plains, and amid nature. 

  • You Spend Time With Your Family

Sure, you see your family indoors – but how much do you really enjoy each other’s presence? When you are at home, the sense of commodity settles in; you’re all there, but you don’t actually spend much time together. One’s watching TV, the other’s playing some game on their computer – everyone seems to be minding their own business. 

However, when you go overlanding, you are sent into a new environment – and you immediately begin to enjoy these things together. No matter if you are traveling with your family or your dog, this will allow you to bond.

  • You Can Change Your Work Environment 

Aren’t you tired of seeing the same office over and over again? When you are feeling constricted about your environment, you may often feel like you are not productive. You are bored, not excited in the slightest about a new day – and this, in return, causes you to perform poorly at your job. 

Still, by taking your work with you as you are overlanding, you may add an edge of excitement to your job. If you are a programmer, you may enjoy working in a nicer environment. If your job revolves around videos, then you can add some nice landscapes in the background. Either way, a change in the environment can help you out. 

The Bottom Line

If you want to break free and simply do the things that you enjoy, without feeling constricted by society, then you might want to try out overlanding. It allows you to follow your passion while making a living, which is why it is never a bad idea to just pack up and go. For many, overlanding is simply the new generation’s way of getting lost.


About Lisa Baker, Editor, Wellbeing News 4115 Articles
Editor Lisa Baker is passionate about the benefits of a holistic approach to healing. Lisa is a qualified Vibrational Therapist and has qualifications in Auricular Therapy, Massage, Kinesiology, Crystal Healing, Seichem and is a Reiki Master.