Pamela Gellatly wins Lifetime Commitment to Wellbeing Award

Dr Pamela Gellatly, Strategic Development Director for HCML, has been awarded the Lifetime Commitment to Wellbeing award at the Great British Workplace Wellbeing Awards in recognition of her pioneering work across the corporate healthcare sector spanning over 40 years.

Launched by Wellity and Niki Dowdall of GRC World Forums, the Great British Workplace Wellbeing Awards shine a spotlight on those positively changing the lives of the Great British workforce.

Dr Gellatly started her career at Bupa in 1979, and went on to establish, Medisure, a medical insurance brokerage, which evolved into the UK Third Party Claims Administration (TPA), before merging with AXAPPP. In 2000, Dr Gellatly established healthcare rm, introducing an integrated approach to Employee Health Risk Management. In 2022, healthcare rm was acquired by HCML and is now one of the UK’s leaders in the corporate health and wellbeing market, collaborating with some of the UK’s largest blue-chip organisations.

Pamela has spearheaded a personalised, data-driven approach to employee health and wellbeing in which employee engagement and prevention of ill health are key themes, challenging the status quo of traditional occupational health models. Driven by a vision that encompasses a holistic understanding of healthcare, Dr Gellatly’s expertise covers Occupational Health and Safety, looking at risk management and its wide-ranging implications beyond occupational safety. This includes shedding light on often overlooked risks associated with illness management and causation. For example, addressing mental health and musculoskeletal conditions with reference to underlying causes and contributory risk factors that necessitate attention for the prevention and management of these issues. This could be exercise, nutrition, sleep, attitudes and beliefs, amongst others.

Through this approach, HCML offers a portfolio of physical and mental health solutions which enable organisations to equip their employees with the tools needed to thrive both within and outside the workplace.

Pamela’s influence extends into the wider healthcare community, through her role on the strategic board of Business4Health, active participation in the All-Party Parliamentary Groups for Levelling up Health and other ongoing research initiatives.

Nick Delaney, Group CEO, HCML, said: “This is a huge achievement and testament to Pamela’s pioneering work throughout her career, focusing on championing a holistic approach that represents the future of healthcare.

“Through her revolutionary work, innovative strategies, thought leadership and comprehensive holistic health management approach, Dr Pamela Gellatly has redefined workplace wellbeing while championing an integrated approach to healthcare management. She has set a new benchmark for the future of the industry and her dedication and passion to advance the discourse and practice of healthcare makes her the worthiest winner of this prestigious award.”

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