One in ten Brits ditch the duvet in bed, while a quarter sleep naked 

Brits run hot when it comes to bedtime, with almost one in ten (9%) sleeping on top of their duvets rather than under them. Additionally, around a quarter (23%) admit to sleeping naked, including one in five women.

Polling thousands of Brits, new research commissioned by online bed and mattress retailer, Bed SOS, explores how people across the UK get their forty winks, while Feng Shui expert, Priya Sher, reveals how these habits can affect your sleep for better or worse.

Interestingly, men are more likely than women to be too warm to sleep under the duvet, with 10% of men ditching the blankets compared to just 7% of women. Preferring a cooler night’s sleep, men are also more likely to sleep naked than women (27% vs 19%), though the genders do agree on cracking open the window at night-time – 26% and 27% of men and women, respectively.

While perhaps unusual, sleeping on top of the covers, sleeping naked and sleeping with the window open can actually be good for your health. Guidance from NHS Borders2 suggests that sleeping in a cool room can help you get a better night’s sleep, while research3 shows that staying cool at night can even lower stress and encourage weight loss.

Often a source of disagreement in the home, the sleep study also shows that two thirds of Brits (68%) use the big ceiling light in the bedroom rather than softer lamps. This could be affecting their sleep according to Priya: “Using the main light can make relaxing difficult due to the brightness reflecting off the ceiling. Lamps create an ambient vibe which helps with a tranquil and chilled atmosphere, perfect for winding down. Those lucky enough to have a larger bedroom can arrange three lamps to create a triangle of light to achieve balance.”

Priya Sher says: “Our homes should be a sanctuary, a place that we can relax and recharge in. The principles of Feng Shui maintain that we live in harmony with our environment. The bedroom is a space that we spend around a third of our life in, so it is vital to have the energy in this space balanced so that in turn we can recharge our own energy.”

Here Priya shares her tips on how to bring the best energy to your bedroom:

  1. Reflective surfaces

Priya says, “avoid having any large mirrors reflecting you whilst you sleep as these activate the energy and can cause a disturbance with sleep.”

Electronics also tend to have reflective surfaces, especially televisions, so these are best kept out of the bedroom. “Additionally, the electromagnetic stress from these devices drains our energy,” adds Priya. “Keep phones, computers and tablets to a minimum in the bedroom.”

  1. Bed placement

Priya tells us, “The bed should ideally be placed in the diagonal corner to the bedroom door. If the room is large, then it can be placed more centrally but always with a solid wall to support.” The bed should also have room for access on both sides of the bed, even if just one person is sleeping in it. “Place bedside tables either side of the bed to provide balance” says Priya. “The bed must have a headboard to provide support to occupants.”

  1. Wall colours

Priya suggests avoiding dark colours in the bedroom. She says, “Paint the walls a peaceful colour, pastels and neutral colours are soothing for the mind. Bright bold shades such as red or neon colours can over-activate the energy and cause unrest.”

Commenting on the research, Danny Richmond, Managing Director Bed SOS, which specialises in next day delivery, said: “Who knew so many of us sleep on top of the duvet, rather than under it? However you prefer to get your rest, we should all be prioritizing sleep and relaxation in our homes, so hopefully people can use Priya’s tips to bring positive energy to their bedrooms.

“Of course, the most important thing to help you get a great night’s sleep is a high-quality bed and mattress so that should always be the first port of call when re-arranging the bedroom.”

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