Writing Competition – Send Us To Sleep!

A recent sleep survey by Hillarys found that over 33% of adults struggle to fall asleep at night on a regular basis, tossing and turning for hours before drifting off.

Many of us read to get to sleep, with Goldilocks and The Three Bears named the most memorable bedtime story by respondents!

But can anyone replicate the success of this story?

We’re looking for the next storytelling superstar to work with architect and TV guru, George Clarke to help send the nation to sleep by writing their own bedtime story.

At Hillarys we understand the importance of a great night’s sleep. Read in his soporific voice, George Clarke will record the winning modern masterpiece, which will also be uploaded onto Spotify for anyone to enjoy.

This competition is also being shared with the media and could be a chance for a budding writer to get their work noticed nationally.

Anyone interested in entering should visit https://www.hillarys.co.uk/static/bedtime-stories/ to fill in the online application form and find out further information about the opportunity.

The closing date is Thursday 16th February.

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