On test: The Drinkmate Carbonator

Our grown-up only house is not known for it’s grown up diet, and one of our biggest concerns is our carbon footprint thanks to our somewhat large consumption of shop-bought carbonated drinks. While of course we recycle, we’re still using lots of cans and plastic and the transport and recycling emissions still leave a big carbon footprint that we aren’t comfortable with  – so we were delighted when DrinkMate asked us to review their new Carbonator.

The DrinkMate Carbonator is a unique and innovative device that allows you to carbonate any beverage of your choice, quickly and easily. At first glance, while the unit looks stylish, it looks similar to other mainstream carbonators and even uses standard CO2 cylinders, so we were not expecting many differences.

We aren’t strangers to carbonation, we’ve tried a few over the years but for me, the drinks tasted noticeably different to shop bought drinks, even when using branded syrups, and while our carbon guilt will occasionally make us use our old Sodastream, it’s usually accompanied by several 24 packs of cans on the kitchen worktop which we’ve noticed disappear much faster than the bottles of branded syrup!

So how different is the DrinkMate Carbonator?  Well – in terms of the process, it’s pretty simple to use. Just fill the bottle with your desired beverage, attach it to the carbonator, and press the button to add carbonation. The device is compact and lightweight, making it easy to store in your kitchen or take with you on-the-go.  Of course, this feature is similar to most other carbonators, but make no mistake, this one IS different.

Unlike other carbonators, which are designed solely for water, the DrinkMate Carbonator can carbonate any liquid, including juice, wine, and even cocktails. This in itself makes it a great addition to any home bar or kitchen, but the differences don’t end there.

Another key difference is the adjustable carbonation level. With the DrinkMate Carbonator, you have complete control over how much carbonation is added to your beverage, allowing you to customize it to your individual taste. This is a great feature for those who prefer a light fizz, as well as for those who like their drinks super bubbly.

Lastly, if your pre-carbonated drink has gone a little flat, the unique DrinkMate’s carbonation system allows for re-carbonation, practically unheard of from a home-use Carbonator.

This combination of features really impressed us, and it is the first carbonator that’s made drinks that we couldn’t distinguish from shop bought brands when using the branded syrups (so much so that we’ve retired our aging Sodastream)

Overall, the DrinkMate Carbonator is a game-changer for anyone who loves sparkling beverages. With its versatility, adjustable carbonation level, and eco-friendly design, it’s a must-have for any home that wants to reduce their use of plastic and cans.  It’s freed up space on our worktops, reduced emissions in fetching our cans and looks great – we’re delighted to give this product a massive thumbs up!


To learn more, visit the DrinkMate website: https://drinkmate.uk/

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