A Real Eye-opening: Three Quarters of Brits Are Struggling To Sleep, And Here’s Why

The benefits of getting a good night’s sleep are endless – from improved physical and mental health to better brain function and reduced stress levels.

But unfortunately getting some shut eye can be easier said than done. This National Bed Month (1st – 31st March), a new report has found that almost three quarters of Brits (73%) rate their sleep average or worse.

A further 58 percent admit they don’t get the recommended amount of sleep (7-9 hours per night) but in spite of this, one in five (18%) let their furry friends sleep in the bed with them.

The report, commissioned by leading mattress brand, Sealy UK, is a stark warning that tired Brits need a ‘wake-up call’ when it comes to their bedtime routine.

When it comes to getting sufficient slumber, men come out on top with 76 percent of women admitting they are unhappy with their sleep, in comparison to 67 percent of men.

Despite this, almost half of Brits are unaware of the major factors that are impacting their sleep. A staggering 39 percent of people use their phone before bed and 34 percent watch TV, despite scientific proof that blue light disrupts your circadian rhythm, leaving you feeling alert instead of tired.

And it’s not just screen time that’s keeping people awake with almost one in ten (8%) drinking a caffeinated drink (like coffee) before bed. Just a third of people (34%) make sure the room is fully dark when trying to go to sleep, even though half of people (49%) said they prefer pitch black when trying to get to sleep. What’s more, only 14 percent of Brits are getting fresh air into their bedrooms before trying to get their forty winks.

Experts believe that small changes in the run up to going to sleep can improve sleep quality drastically. Professional Sleep Expert at Sealy UK, Alison Jones, said: “The results of the study prove that Britain is facing a sleep epidemic, and it’s time for people to take responsibility for their bedtime routine. Many people are struggling to get the snooze they need, causing them to wake up each morning feeling tired.

“By simply making a few small changes to your sleep routine and environment, you’re taking the first steps to improving your overall health and wellbeing, including productivity levels, mood and brain power. What you do and consume in the two hours prior to going to sleep is vital for the quantity and quality of rest you get that night. This includes screen time, the lighting in a room and what you eat and drink to name a few.”

Alongside other factors, Alison urges people to consider the environment in which they sleep and relax. “The environment you sleep in, otherwise known as the ‘Sleep Scape’, shouldn’t be ignored when trying to better your sleep. A good place to start is with the most important component of all, your mattress.”

The research reveals that a staggering half of respondents (47%) don’t know how old their mattress is, and only one in five people (19%) believe that a better mattress leads to a better night’s sleep.

Ed Kirk, Mattress Training Manager at Sealy UK, said: “When analysing sleep habits, it’s shocking to hear half of people don’t consider their mattress a key factor – when in fact, it is vital. The benefits of having a supportive mattress, tailored to your individual needs, doesn’t just stop at getting a better night’s sleep. In fact, the mattress that you sleep on has an effect on your overall health with the best ones allowing the spine to maintain its neutral position during sleep, which reduces muscular tension and strain. By correctly supporting the skeletal structure when laying down, the stress on the muscles is reduced, which reduces tossing and turning during sleep allowing for more comfortable and restorative sleep.

“Sealy’s Posturepedic range is designed specifically with this in mind. Its AlignSupport® Coil is designed to sense and respond to your individual body type that helps to maintain your spine in a neutral position while you sleep.”

For more information on Sealy UK and how to improve your sleep, please visit: www.sealy.co.uk.

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