New Year Intentions and Practice with Meadowlark Yoga

How to re-focus and re-energise this new year  

New year’s resolutions are notoriously difficult to keep. January can feel gloomy enough without adding the pressure of ‘don’t do this’ and ‘you must do that’ to the mix. Instead, Meadowlark Yoga is here to show you there is another way to harness the power of the fresh start without it feeling like a burden. 

Meadowlark Yoga founder Karen Kirkness says: “Reframing our resolutions as an intention can be a great way to lighten the expectation and instead create opportunity.”

For many, it is a question of motivation – mainly, we aren’t really sure how to get any – but perhaps it is just a case of re-evaluating what it is we want to achieve and why. 

“We often refer to the act of rolling out our mats and doing yoga as “practice”. The term reminds us that we are always in the process of learning, and that we will never reach an end goal or final posture. We are teaching ourselves that we approach this beautiful practice without expectation or ambition; we are just here to witness the experience – mindfulness, meditation and contentment. Indeed, yoga practice extends off the mat into our daily lives where we learn to apply the teachings to our ethical, moral and social lives.” – Kirkness 

Merging the ideas of ‘intention’ with the concept of ‘practice’ is a way to gently move into the New Year, without harsh agendas or prohibitive lists, just a soft opportunity to explore a new learning experience and a healthy habit.  

“There’s no bad time to start a yoga practice but if you need that added momentum to get up off the sofa, step away from the Christmas leftovers and onto your yoga mat, there can be no time like January. You don’t need fancy gear or expensive equipment, just a yoga mat and some comfy clothes. Show up, roll out your mat and we’ll teach you everything you need to know.”

Meadowlark Yoga’s 6 Week Vinyasa Beginners Courses have seen hundreds of students move from their first time on the mat, into a regular, steady yoga practice.  In these foundational courses students learn about breath, movement & alignment along with a sprinkling of the philosophy that goes behind the practice.  After 6 weeks participants will be ready to join any yoga class or continue a home practice of their own.  

Vinyasa Beginners Course:

Tuesday 19:45-20:45 – starting 4th January 2022 

Thursday 19:45-20:450 – starting 6th January 2022 

Sunday 12:30-13:30 – starting 9th January 2022 

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Kirkness: “we invite you to join us in the New Year, here at Meadowlark Yoga to foster healthy habits, mindful movement and a lifelong practice, just for you.”