New podcast ‘Not Another Leaflet’ launches to start the conversation about parenting a child with additional needs in the UK.

A new podcast, Not Another Leaflet, has launched this week to shine the spotlight on parenting a child with additional needs. Founded by mum of one and Tiktoker Jenna Farmer (@mumernity), Not Another Leaflet is a brand new podcast designed to provide honest, supportive, and informative content for parents living in the UK who have children with additional needs. Each week, host Jenna is joined by a fellow parent who is navigating the journey of having a child with additional needs or an expert who specialises in supporting children with additional needs, such as autism and ADHD.

After struggling with lack of support after her son’s autism diagnosis and EHCP process, Jenna felt as if she had a lot of information leaflets, but little in the way of practical advice to navigate the rollercoaster journey. With two informative episodes of the podcast already live, topics already covered include getting an autism diagnosis for your child with influencer Aimee Bradley (@dream1ncolour) and navigating aggressive behaviours and neurodivergent children with neurodiversity consultant Madeleine Woolgar.

“I’m so excited to be launching this podcast-there’s lots of parenting podcasts but very few that focus on the honest realities of navigating the parenting journey when your child has additional needs. It’s such a rewarding, but at times stressful, journey and my aim is for the podcast to offer support and help people realise they’re not alone-there are so many of us out there fighting to get the right support, diagnosis or intervention they need for their child to thrive. I have been on this journey for 2.5 years but I am learning something new every day and hope this podcast can help educate and support others too.

About Not Another Leaflet

Not Another Leaflet is a new parenting podcast specifically for parents of children with additional needs, and is now available on Spotify and Apple podcast. To connect with the podcast host visit @mumernity on tiktok and instagram.

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