Never too old for the spotlight: pensioners bring hollywood glamour to bristol by recreating iconic movie posters to celebrate the 2023 oscars

With an average age of 86, elderly care home residents across Bristol have paid tribute to the silver screen by recreating iconic movie posters in celebration of the 2023 Oscars, taking place on 13th March 2023.

Residents from Lottie’s partner homes – Lovell Place and Meryton Place – brought some Hollywood glamour to Bristol by creating their own versions of some of the most beloved films of all time, including Rocky, The Sound of Music, Bohemian Rhapsody, and James Bond!

Over the last few weeks, the residents worked alongside the staff at each home to recreate their favourite film posters, by carefully selecting costumes, props and poses to match the originals.

In a heart-warming display of three generations coming together, 88-year-old Marina teamed up with her daughter and granddaughter to pose as Charlie’s Angels.

Other residents channelled their inner Freddie Mercury to re-create the Oscar-winning Bohemian Rhapsody poster (85-year-old Jon), whilst many chose to recreate older films, including The Godfather (88-year-old Derek) and The Sound of Music (92-year-old Jean).

76-year-old Roger – a keen Bond fan – channelled his inner Sean Connery to become Mr Bond! He loved the activity so much that he also became Rocky Balboa!

Selina Adams, Wellbeing Co-ordinator at Lovell Place Care Home in Bristol, shared:

“All our residents had a fabulous time recreating these iconic film posters. It brought back so many memories of watching these films when they were younger, and it was an absolute pleasure to see them recreate them in their own unique way.

In both of our care homes, we have an on-site cinema, so each week we’ve hosted movie nights to lead up to this activity.

We spoke to every resident who took part about their experiences of growing up with the cinema, and what their favourite films meant to them. It was incredible to hear their experiences, with one resident excitedly sharing that she used to sneak into the theatre dressed as her brother to sit with all the boys in her teenage years!

Another resident even shared her experience of meeting Hollywood actor Tyrone Power – who appeared in dozens of American films – outside a local theatre, where they shook hands – she refused to wash her hands for a week!

The posters will be displayed in each of our homes in Bristol, so we welcome anyone who is interested in seeing these iconic images,” concluded Selina.

Will Donnelly, Co-Founder at Later Living Marketplace Lottie – who ran the activity with the residents last week – shared:

“Each resident who took part is a shining example of everyone has their creative flair and talents, even in their older years.

Age really is just a number, and we hope that this project will help to change negative attitudes towards older people, as they are just as important as everyone else. Every older adult has so much to offer their local community, and it’s important to make society a positive, safe, and accessible space for them to thrive.”

Both homes, who are part of Hamberley Care Homes, plan to create a series of projects throughout the year to showcase the creative talents of their residents; with the aim of challenging the biggest ageism misconceptions one at a time.

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