Natural Homemade Beauty – 90 Recipes for Skin, Home and Home

An illustrated practical guide to creating your own cosmetics and beauty products from natural and foragable materials.

Have you ever tried using tomato-seed oil on your skin? Or adding vodka as an ingredient in your go-to perfume? Beauty doesn’t need to be complicated to work,: sometimes stripping it back and creating it yourself is the best way for discovering what’s right for you.

Natural Homemade Beauty returns self-care to its basics, encouraging readers to create their own products using natural and even home-grown ingredients.

From plantain ointments that decrease inflammation to turmeric ginger facemasks for healing acne, Leoniek Bontje makes creating your own indulgent cosmetics both accessible and creative.

This book features a wealth of delights such as body butter, hair conditioner, lip balm, deodorant, bath oil and even toothpaste.
Accompanied by handy visual guides, the recipes of Natural Homemade Beauty offer an intruiging insight into the potential of natural ingredients as well as the joy of curating your own unique and personalised set of products.

Leoniek Bontje spent four years training to become a herbalist following the publication of her first book, Foraging. She has since authored books on using plants as medicine, creating a herbarium, and using plants for cosmetics. She currently works as a herbalist, teaches workshops, writes books about herbalism and offers advice on how to create edible and medicinal gardens. She lives in The Netherlands.

‘Natural Homemade Beauty’ by Leoniek Bontje is publishing by Batsford on 14 March 2024.

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