Mother reveals hidden signs of OCD and how it can hold in children in her new book Hank The Hungry Monster

Being a parent can be challenging itself but when OCD takes hold it can have a whole other meaning. Many children and adults may suffer with the mental disease affecting 1.2% of the UK. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a mental health illness where a sufferer experiences obsessive thoughts and compulsive rituals and behaviours.

Author Julie Derrick is a mother who shares her experiences of supporting her own child who suffered with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder introducing Hank The Hungry Monster, a story created to help children and adults to understand OCD, the signs to look out for and the important message for children to feel safe in confiding in somebody.

Hank is a very hungry monster, but he’s not hungry for food, he’s hungry for POWER! Meanwhile, Annabelle is a bubbly little girl who loves to play with her friends. Until one day something happens that makes her feel sad.

Hank finds a new home in Annabelle’s head and having picked up that she felt uncomfortable when a ‘friend’ points out the sunburn on her nose, decides it’s time to play a little game. Controlling her in the form of OCD he begins introducing rituals to convince her to safeguard herself from this ever happening again.

Luckily, her teacher, Mrs Carmen see’s Annabelle carrying out these rituals and gives her advice on how to stop these voices in her head by speaking up to them and refusing to continue with these obsessive rituals.

This book was written by a mother to raise awareness of and help parents spot the early signs of OCD before it takes hold and to encourage children it is safe to confide in someone.

Julie Derrick is a mother of two daughters from Bridgend, South Wales. In the past year Julie has set up her own affiliate marketing company which has enabled her to pursue becoming an author with the launch of her first book.

Julie will be donating half of the proceeds of book sales to CITT, a specialist branch of CAHMS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) commenting OCD, in my opinion, is still a very misunderstood, with many unaware of how debilitating is actually is, not just for the sufferer but the family as a whole.

Hank The Hungry Monster is the perfect read for children and parents to understand the effects of OCD, recognised the traits and encourage them to confide in someone.

The book is available to buy here:

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