Local Manchester Business Partners With Innovative IT Support Provider To Assist Thousands Of UK SMEs

A NEW PARTNERSHIP formed between Business Stack and NerdApp will bring a whole new level of support to thousands of businesses across the UK.


Business Stack currently provides 40,000+ UK businesses with inclusive support services covering accountancy, legal and HR, IT technical support, eLearning and financial planning.


In a bid to boost the range of their services and make life easier for all their clients, Business Stack has teamed up with IT support professionals NerdApp, who offer 24/7 worldwide, instant remote support and scheduled on-site support within just a few clicks.


“We are delighted to be partnering with Business Stack,” says Caitlin McGregor, NerdApp CMO. “SMEs need IT help now more than ever with rising costs and the global talent shortage. IT is a key pillar to building a successful business and we make it easy for Business Stack’s clients to get support when they need it, ensuring that everything IT is managed efficiently.”


Victoria Tilsley, Chief Operating Officer at Business Stack, said: “We are thrilled to announce our brand new partnership with NerdApp! NerdApp employs 2,040 ‘Remote Nerds’ all over the world and 1,460 ‘On-Site Nerds’ for our clients to utilise! Not only that, but they also boast an impressive 99.3% of resolutions and have an average response time of just one minute! With NerdApp now firmly integrated into Business Stack, it has never been easier to access IT support. We can’t wait to see where this new venture will take us in the future!”


Founded in 2014, Business Stack has worked tirelessly to connect small businesses with professional services and commercial resources through the use of machine learning and AI.


They operate out of Manchester, where Victoria and her team has developed Business Stack into the easy-to-roll-out, complete professional services solution for SMEs it is today.


Victoria said: “We have created something truly special with Business Stack! Our aim has and always will be to help small businesses grow and prosper. So, with a partnership like the one we’ve announced today with NerdApp, we can achieve exactly that!”


For more information, please visit either businessstack.pro or nerdapp.com.

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