How to survive the ‘silly season’ and enjoy an alcohol-free Christmas

Written by Emma Thackray, co-founder of Hip Pop 

Often seen as the season to be ‘merry’ – in more ways than one – Christmastime brings a wave of must-attend events, many of which are tailored around drink.  

From work dos to family get-togethers, December’s calendar feels set to burst at the seams with social events, bringing with them the encouragement of enjoying a glass of fizz, liquor-topped hot chocolate, or mulled wine beverages.  

A staple of British Christmas tradition, a recent study indicated that almost two-thirds (61%) of drinkers in the UK over-indulge with alcohol more than usual throughout the festive period, while one in five (18%) say they suffer more hangovers. The Christmas drinking culture has become a socially accepted ideology of how to enjoy the festive season. However, to truly enjoy time with the family, time off work and make the most of the Christmas break, do we need to break away from tradition?  

There is a growing underbelly of sober curiosity and non-drinkers, searching for other ways to enjoy the holidays without the unwanted side effects of a hangover. So, with this in mind, how do we break the holiday drinking habit and enjoy a booze-free Christmas? 

1.    Attend activity-based social events 

Not all festive fun has to be had over a cold pint. In fact, there are many wholesome activities to enjoy with the whole family during the Christmas period.  

Ice skating during the holidays is a great way to get into the Christmas spirit and is a firm family favourite. Offering a winter wonderland, the ice and atmosphere create a Christmassy feel, making it a perfect way to unite and spend time with friends or family this Christmas.  

If ice skating doesn’t suit your needs, there are many other non-drink related activities to enjoy, including baking and decorating a gingerbread house, carol singing or concerts, wreath making, visiting Santa’s grotto, Christmas movie night and much more.  

2.    Invest in a flavoursome non-alcoholic drink 

If you enjoy the social aspect of pubs and bars, but want to explore sobriety, then it is important to find a non-alcoholic drink which tastes good, and more importantly, that you enjoy.  

If you opt for a glass of water while others drink your favourite vino, sobriety may seem like a torturesome venture. By choosing a drink that tastes good and fulfils your thirst for fizz, you can enjoy a social drink without the fear of missing out.  

There are many delicious, non-alcoholic drinks to try, and some have added health benefits. For instance, kombucha is created from fermented black or green tea and is packed with probiotics and antioxidants, proven to provide added health benefits. Kombucha is a great way of trying a taste of something different this Christmas, while spending time chatting and sipping along with friends. 

3.    Promote a fundraiser and give back this Christmas 

If you’re seeking a sober Christmas and want to give back to those less fortunate at the same time, there are many good causes, charities and initiatives looking to increase awareness and donations around the festive period.  

Why not use your sobriety to create a fundraiser, so you can help people in need by receiving sponsorship and give back to the community? Not only is the detox good for your body, but it also provides a sense of accomplishment by partaking in a selfless act to benefit and enrich the lives of others – which may taste a lot sweeter than any alcoholic drink.  


An enjoyable Christmas doesn’t have to correlate with over-indulging or being drunk. There are many fun, sober activities, events, and initiatives to get involved in, and by going sober in December, you can still enjoy the festive season without the unwanted hangover.  

Furthermore, if you’re searching for the perfect alternative to drink over dinner or out with friends, now is a great time to explore new tastes, enjoy healthier drinks, and promote a flavoursome and wholesome Christmas. 

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