Kent Coach and Therapist Celebrates Becoming Best-Selling Author After Completing ‘Your Secret Power’ Book During Lockdown

Debbie Sturge, 53, from Margate, Kent is celebrating having become a global bestselling author after the release of her debut book ‘Your Secret Power’. It became a bestseller within hours of its release, flying straight in at Number 1 on the Amazon bestseller charts in three separate categories; inspirational spirituality category, personal transformation and spiritual gifts.

A book has been on Debbie’s bucket list for years and last year she finally put pen to paper but this process came to a swift end when her husband was devastatingly diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. In April this year – during lockdown – her husband Paul was told he was in remission, but as he still fell into the vulnerable category, they both needed to shield and self-isolate. Debbie, not only saw this as the perfect time to stay safe with Paul, but also to finally write her book. As soon as she put pen to paper, she found her flow and completed her manuscript within 10 weeks.

Taking a very open approach within her book ‘Your Secret Power’, Debbie bravely shares her own experience of; burnout, discovery and navigating her husband’s cancer diagnosis. Debbie also shares her knowledge and personal healing journey to inspire others, along with the tools and techniques that have changed her life and enabled her to reconnect to her inner strength.

For over 20’s years, Debbie has worked as a nutritional therapist in Margate and alongside this, she also held roles in office management for several years.

In 2014, Debbie sadly lost her dad to cancer, while learning to cope with her mum’s dementia – and she reached burnout for the third time in succession. It was at this point that Debbie decided it was time to make some important life changes and focus more on her own personal development and mindset. She saw massive transformational change and as a result launched her own coaching business in 2015, using her nutritional expertise, coaching skills and also Reiki. Debbie set out on her mission to inspire women to move beyond fear and self-sabotage and to step into their power – reconnecting to their inner strength.

Debbie said; “For years I felt like I was treading water and after hitting burnout for the third time, I realised I needed to work on me. I soon saw that by focusing on my mindset shifts, clearing limiting beliefs and paying closer attention to the mind, body, spirit connection, alongside nutrition, I started to see transformational change. Life was good, I was in a good place, I was on a mission to help others and felt like I had found my true life purpose.

However, Debbie was herself plunged back into the depths of fear following her husband’s cancer diagnosis in August 2019. Debbie continues; “When faced with my husband’s devastating diagnosis, I felt like my world collapsed around me…. he is and always has been my rock. We’ve been together since I was 16 and when we received the news, I was shaken to my core. It was hard to practice self-care then, as my focus was very much on Paul, but I knew how important it was to remain strong for him and my family. I reached out to my best friends and also my Reiki family and got back on track, focusing on the tools and techniques I knew would help me. I paid close attention to diet, meditation, Reiki and gratitude, and other techniques I mention in my book and by doing this it helped me to reconnect to my inner strength again.”

Within ‘Your Secret Power’ Debbie outlines the struggles she experienced, alongside revealing insights, tools and techniques that helped her cope, navigate and overcome life’s highs and lows. Debbie continues; “The struggles I have faced have made me even more passionate about helping others, not just to cope with challenges, but to inspire them to follow their dreams and believe that anything is possible with the right mindset and action – we can all be the best versions of ourselves when we tap into the secret power within.”

”I am humbled to share my story, that I’ve dedicated to my Dad and to my husband, and am delighted it has become a bestseller. I sincerely hope it helps readers across the world to re-connect to their secret power and realise both their personal and professional potential. Finally, recognising my dream of becoming a published author is a celebration of how far I have come and a recognition of what can be achieved when women are determined to make shifts.”

Debbie’s book is available on Amazon –

Through her coaching and therapy business, Debbie offers bespoke wellbeing and self-empowerment packages, helping clients across the UK to nourish their body, mind and soul for self-mastery and transformation. She said; “Over the years my journey has taken many twists and turns. Although there has been many good times, there has also been times where I’ve felt stretched and tested to the max. But, one thing I’m sure of now, is that our most difficult challenges often become our greatest learning experiences – looking at how I’ve grown and what I’ve achieved in the last 12 months alone blows me away and inspires me to keep learning, evolving and supporting others.”

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