Global Best-Selling Author and Empowerment Coach is On a Mission to Help Others Ride the Waves of Life on Their Voyage to Success

This month, a Sussex-based highly qualified Empowerment Coach and HR expert, is celebrating becoming a global best-selling author as her book ‘Your Voyage to Success: How To Ride The Crest Of A Wave And Reach Your Full Potential In Life And Work’ continues to storm the Amazon book charts, reaching No.1’s, in three categories; Consulting, Business Consulting and Developmental Psychology, sitting alongside the likes of Richard Pink, content creator behind viral social media phenomenon @ADHD_Love and Dr Kristin Neff, author and an associate professor in the University of Texas at Austin’s department of educational psychology.

Desiree Anderson, 58, from Storrington, West Sussex, who has a Bachelor of Social Science qualification in Psychology, and a Masters degree in HR and Change Management, as well as a advanced coaching training at Masters level, is on a mission to help others globally to unlock their full potential to make both their business/careers and life thrive. Having personally experienced decades struggling with limiting beliefs and self-sabotage that eventually led to burnout and health issues, having overcome a difficult childhood in South Africa, and then building her life back up from scratch in the wake of a traumatic divorce, Desiree has lived experience she is passionate about sharing.

As an HR Expert she’s witnessed many toxic cultures and seen people suffering with their self worth and careers in order to get ahead. She’s seen people being fired for nothing and treated badly because they needed their jobs; worked with many leaders who had no idea how to inspire others; seen so many women who are looking after families struggle to make their career/business fit – and she’s here to support them all.

She feels drawn to help others so that they are not alone, so she can help them shed self doubt, pain and fear of failure.

Desiree said: “My life experiences have impacted the direction of my ship and led me to set up Crest Coaching and HR, just before the pandemic. The waves of pressure and responsibility are preventing many people from feeling truly happy and fulfilled as they continually try to paddle upstream but end up feeling stuck and overwhelmed. I’m here to change this.”

Desiree has a background working as a Human Resources consultant for international companies such as Siemens, Dixons Carphone and Tesco, and has always prioritised her continued professional development – taking advanced coaching training at Master’s level learning from the University of Bristol so that she would be able to have a toolkit of leading-edge techniques. Desiree is now passionate about using her knowledge and 30 years experience to help people all across the globe to succeed and flourish on their own terms so they can ride the crest of a wave and reach their full potential in both life and work.

Desiree’s book ‘Your Voyage to Success’, covers topics such as; imposter syndrome, self-sabotage, self-awareness, authenticity, self-leadership, clarity, empathy, what success means, success habits, burn-out, goal setting, trust, well-being, Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping – EFT, self-love, accountability, visualisation, empowerment, finding your purpose , relationships in business and home life, leading teams, leadership, work culture, mindfulness, trusting yourself, success strategy, meditation, motivation, the chakras, entrepreneurship, healthy habits and resilience.

Desiree said; “I bring a unique perspective of expertise and lived experience. I have experienced the highs and lows of life first hand – both personally and professionally. I have learnt lessons from failing to prioritise my health and happiness and it led to loneliness and burn out. At one point I found my life unrecognisable living in a YMCA, not knowing who I was or how to help myself”.

“I’ve had to conquer my own sabotage and I’ve learnt what works and what doesn’t. I have learnt to love and value myself, after years of feeling despondent and desperate, never believing I could have a better life or could get beyond the hamster wheel of the 9-5. I now love working with people who want to claim their success and be valued for what they do. I love helping them find a better way of achieving their life goals whether they work or are bringing up a family.”

Desiree understands what people face when they have to escape psychologically or physically abusive relationships, and she reflects back on her own soul -searching when she hit rock bottom to find empathy for others. She is hugely passionate about now sharing the knowledge she has gained. As part of her own recovery she studied intensively whilst having coaching herself, to get to a place where she can be a role model for others. She now has a happy relationship, a stunning home and a successful life and career- but it hasn’t been easy and she still works on her mindset every day. From feeling like she never deserved happiness , she now revels in it and is able to empathetically and pragmatically nurture others to achieve the same.

She added: “Self-sabotaging for years meant feeling like a failure despite being highly educated. It meant having to constantly rebuild from scratch and fight against my childhood trauma and fear of success. I feared being brilliant because I had conditioned myself from a young age to blend in, in order to belong- I don’t want anyone else feeling like this.”

“When I was sat in a bedsit in Surrey, after my divorce with just a few pots and pans to my name, I realised that success has always been inside me, waiting for the moment when I realised, I was worthy of it. I decided it was time to make the change, and started to create an upward spiral in my life from that day onwards”.

In this book, Desiree helps the reader to navigate the tides they might face in life. “You will shake off what has been weighing you down and start to live your best life. You will become the leader of your own life, and in so doing you will be able to fulfil your aspirations. Whilst exploring your unique Voyage to Success, you will learn great tools and tips to help you uncover a clear way forward to utilise all your talents.”, she says.

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